Edged Weapons, civilian

Pia-Kaetta Ceylon 18./19. Jh.

Product code: 16085
670 €*

Curved, single-edged dagger blade with fluting. Handle bar covered with fluted silver ribbons. Openwork silver pommel plates and finely engraved. Finely carved, patinated ivory handle scales with silver rosettes. Wooden handle with fish head and silver eyes, silver mouth plate. Patinated blade, very good condition. Length 27.5 cm.

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Tulwar India Beginning 19th Century

Product code: 16313
250 €*

Wedge blade with narrow fluting and line engravings. All-steel hilt with oval and heart-shaped silver inlays, engraved plate knob, rosette. Length 89 cm. Blade partially cleaned rust spots, handle somewhat patinated.

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Military Huntinghanger maybe Prussia beginning19th Cent.

Product code: 15469
850 €*

Straight, single-edged blade with a wide fuller. Etched owner monogram I.TK. Arched guard, S-shaped crossguard with brass handle and brass grip scales in the manner of the Prussian model M1810. Black leather scabbard with brass fittings. Length 78.5 cm, blade length 65 cm. Leather with shrinkage and age cracks, but without breakage. Patinated brass, otherwise […]

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Kindjal Caucasus Mid19th. Cent.

Product code: 15969
970 €*

Multiple fluted double-edged blade, damask structure. Round master’s mark stamped in gold, handle scales made of walrus ivory with silver rivets decorated with niello. Wooden scabbard with black leather cover, silver fittings with fine scrollwork engravings and niello decorations. Numbers and decorations on the reverse, Russian silver fineness mark 84 (Zolotniki, which corresponds to 875 […]

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Kindjal Caucasus End of 19. Century

Product code: 15968
780 €*

Blade with 4-fold flooding, finely engraved silver cuff, niello inlays, two rivets. Black horn grip panels. Silver fittings with fine floral forging and engravings as well as black niello inlays. Pointed ball end. Chape on the reverse various monograms and probably later dates 1910/25/10. Length 43 cm.

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Dagger End of 19th Cent.

Product code: 13953
290 €*

Double-edged blade with a high central ridge, brass hilt with twisted quillons, parrying ring with baluster. Fine winding with pressed fluting and stone pine knob. Leather scabbard made of reddish brown leather with brass fittings and two eyelets. Length 33 cm. Blade superficial staining, without scars. This dagger would also be a real eye-catcher as […]

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Kindjal, Ende 19. Jh.

Product code: 15672
480 €*

Double-edged simple blade. Silver handle with niello inlays and two high niello decorated dome rivets. Scabbard with eyelet and ball end. Filigree wire decoration and fine niello inlays. Total length 37 cm. Very good condition

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Hunting Hanger about 1810, ca. 1810

Product code: 14969
390 €*

Broad single-edged blade double-edged in point. Butt plate with profiled overlay, angular cross-guard. Profiled and silvered frame. Horn grip panels with silver-plated rivets. Length 73 cm. Blade slightly spotty and slightly jagged. Horn grip scales somewhat cracked with age. Silver plating partially worn. This piece is shown and described in detail in the book “Hirschfänger” […]

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Tulwar India, um 1850

Product code: 14458
150 €*

Single-edged saber blade, iron vessel with long clasps. Handle bar with rolled-up animal head end, disc knob with star rosette. Length 87 cm. Cleaned rust spots.

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Long Knife Afghanistan, um 1850

Product code: 12438
240 €*

Wedge blade with a wide back bridge, engraved brass ferrule, grooved horn grips. Chagrin leather scubbard, openwork and engraved brass mouthplate. Length 71 cm. Blade minimal, cleaned staining, otherwise in good condition.

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Long Knife Afghanistan, um 1850

Product code: 12437
260 €*

Wedge blade with back bridge. Blade root silver and gold tausia. Engraved brass handle clamp, horn handle scales. Chagrin leather scubbard with engraved and openwork mouthpiece. Steel cuff with ring. Length 50.5 cm. Mouth plate with dents, blade minimal staining, otherwise in good condition.

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Long Knife Afghanistan

Product code: 12436
320 €*

Wedge blade with a wide back bridge. Iron grip clamp with decorative filing, grained horn grip scales. Chagrin leather scubbard with an iron mouthpiece, iron-cut tip. Iron cuff with ring. Length 72 cm. Patinated iron parts, otherwise very good condition.

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Standhauer Germany ca. 1820, ca. 1820

Product code: 14970
380 €*

Single-edged blade with a very wide back. Struck opposite side with forged mark WALIM and H. Octagonal quillons with a shell-shaped iron cut. Deer horn grips with three iron rivets. Length 41.5 cm. Handle scales with a small, about 3 cm long, old hairline crack. Otherwise very good condition. This deer catcher is shown in […]

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Dagger, Germany, Style Mid. 16th cent.

Product code: 13950
960 €*

Double-edged blade, S-shaped quillons with catch ring, octagonal pommel, iron wire winding. Length 36.5 cm. It comes from an old Berlin collection and was purchased in 1932 for 25 RM. Knob and winding are probably additions from the 19th century. The blade shows a few old forged structures

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Sponton Tip, 18. Jh.

Product code: 14488
220 €*

Broad leaf, hook with a little ornamental cut, small conical spout. Length 15 cm. Cleaned rust pittings, one tip of a hook missing, spout old, but later supplemented. Interesting piece for the collector of miniature weapons. Provenance: old Berlin collection.

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Long Knife, Mitte 19. Jh.

Product code: 14843
70 €*

Unusually long wedge blade with brass inlays. Handle with notch decor and bird’s head stylized pommel. Length 84 cm.

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Kinzal, Mitte 19.Jh.

Product code: 13856
270 €*

Double-edged blade, triple flooded. Silver engraved ferrule. Black horn grip with leg and silver pins, silver humpback studs. Wooden scubbard with silver fitting, engraved. Length 28.5 cm. Good condition, scubbard plate minimal dents.

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Carving, 1930er Jahre

Product code: 14834
220 €*

Single-edged blade stamped Henley & Son Solingen. Ivory handle with plastically cut seal. On the back label “Original Eskimo work”. Matching 2-pronged meat fork with serving pliers and sharpening steel in the same decor. Length of knife 30 cm.

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Silver Koumiya, Mitte 19. Jh.

Product code: 11381
470 €*

Curved double-edged blade, stamped KA. Wooden handle with engraved silver fitting, engraved silver scubbard. All silver parts marked with silver hallmark. Length 38 cm.

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Dagger, 1943

Product code: 14827
440 €*

Wedge blade with notched back and deep mark Juca Argentina. Handle in silver floral chased with hitten gold sheet. Massive silver scubbard in the same decor. Length 32.5 cm.

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Hunting Dagger, Ende 17. Jh.

Product code: 14844
120 €*

Double-edged blade with broad central ridge, rounded tip, triple riveted horn grip scales. Length 82 cm. Blade very rusty.

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Letter Opener, 1914

Product code: 13957
170 €*

Dagger-style letter opener. Double-edged copper blade signed Willenberg 30.8.1914 (East Prussia). S-shaped quillons with copper inserts, bird’s head knob. Riveted grenade handles with guide grooves. Length 26.5 cm. Very good condition with original patina.

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Paar Florettdegen, um 1930

Product code: 14544
260 €*

Vierkantklingen, Fehlschärfe gestempelt Waffenschmidt. Eisernes Stichblatt, Fangringe und Knauf rot eingefärbt, fischhautverschnittener Griff. Dicker Filz bestickt “Waffenschmidt Solingen Wald”. Länge 109 cm. Rote Beschichtung mit kleineren Bestoßungen, sonst neuwertiger Zustand mit erhaltener Konservierung der Stahlteile.

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Yatagan, um 1800

Product code: 13681
820 €*

Curved single-edged blade with fine silver inlays and Islamic characters. Root covered with floral silver plate. Silver middle bridge. Black horn grip cups. Length 74 cm. Blade patinated, silver handle top with old repairs.

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Fine Court Official Sword, um 1800

Product code: 14157
1200 €*

Double-edged blade with central ridge, upper third flooded. Fire-gilded bronze vessel with S-shaped curving blade, rear area with palms and arches on the ground, front with flag trophies, crown and coat of arms. Hanger with floral decorations, knob with helmet warrior head and two lions heads. Ebony handle with very fine copper wire winding. Length 94 […]

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Court officials Sword, um 1800

Product code: 14130
890 €*

Double-edged Damascus blade, blade root signed Schnitzler and Kirschbaum, other side in Solingen. Hilt with two Hermes bars and cornucopias, handle bar with floral decoration, handle on one side crest Duke crown on three lilies, other side Duke crown on FII. Leather straps at the handle ends. Length 97 cm. Damascus slightly blotchy, otherwise very […]

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Hunting knife, um 1830 (Biedermeier)

Product code: 12998
680 €*

Wedge blade, back with tooth decor, silver, engraved ferrule. Grip cap with floral decoration. Leather scabbard with silver mountings embossed engraved with fox, roe-deer, chamois and deer in floral cartouches. Length 25 cm .

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Dagger, um 1800

Product code: 13708
220 €*

Wedge blade. Back with deep dentil decoration. Green leg handles with brass inlay. Knob with ornaments. Length 23.5 cm. Grip right with mature hairline crack, otherwise very good condition.

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Kinzal, 19. Jhdt.

Product code: 11651
680 €*

Double-edged blade with fine silver dia. Handle and metal parts of the scabbard with the same silver decoration. Scabbard covered with reddish brown velvet. Length 55 cm. silver dia in the grip area partly worn, otherwise in very good condition.

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