Sword of the Tuareg Mid/End 19. Century

1.450 €*
Luxury item. Double-edged blade with wide flooding, etched with a crescent moon, circle and snake. Opposite side etched snake and lion. Blade root covered with engraved silver plates. Guard and grip with fine engraved silver inlays and spacers made of engraved copper. Handle with very fine discs as intermediate layers, signature of the sword sweeper on the reverse. Silver oval pommel with raised silver dome and copper layers. Embossed leather scabbard with fine, engraved silver fittings, plaited carrying straps with silver eyelets in the same decor. Length 95 cm. Tuareg swords are often bazaar or tourist goods of very low quality. The offered piece is made on a high artistic level and very precisely. It testifies to a rich and / or influential owner.

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