Edged Weapons, military

Wardagger Germany Worldwar I

Product code: 15365
150 €*

Single-edged blade double-edged in place. Iron quillons, riveted grooved wooden grip panels. Steel scabbard with riveted leather loop. Total length 26.0 cm, blade length 14.7 cm. Scattered, cleaned spots of rust on the blade, the paintwork on the quillons and scabbard somewhat damaged. The end of the leather loop is missing.

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Bayonet France M 1892 Mousqueton

Product code: 16262
70 €*

Wedge blade with rectangular groove, root marked. Riveted walnut grip panels, steel scabbard. Total length 51.5 cm, blade length 40 cm. A grip with a small scratch, the scabbard finely grained, repainted.

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Knife Bayonet Czech Republic VZ 1958

Product code: 15386
70 €*

Wedge blade with narrow fillet and serial number, grained Bakelite handle, leather scabbard with button loop. Blade cleaned rust spots, handle edge small damage, otherwise very good condition. Total length 28.4 cm, blade length 17.3 cm.

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Lionshead Sabre Netherlands about 1870

Product code: 15316
420 €*

Polished steel blade, Yzerhouwer (Eisenhauer) etched in a writing cartridge. Fire-gilded brass hilt with two lion heads, portepee. Black polished handle with silver wire winding. Nickel-plated steel blade. Length 99 cm, blade length 85 cm. Carrying ring minimal nickel damage, otherwise very good condition with 95% fire gilding.

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Bajonett M84/93 3.Ausf.

Product code: 15375
130 €*

Burnished blade with fuller, root stamped S / 175.G, opposite side with serial number. Wooden grip scales, pommel with Heereswaffenamt stamps No. 68. Black steel scabbard stamped E Pack & S 1938. Length 38.5 cm, blade length 25 cm. Pommel and scabbard with minimal rust spots, blade almost as good as new.  

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Bayonet Turkey M1890 Syngu

Product code: 15382
80 €*

Blade with fluting and round back, root stamped with Turkish characters, back of the blade star and crescent. Curved quillons with ball ends, riveted wooden grip panels. Pommel stamped AS.FA (Askari Fabrica). Length 37.3 cm, blade length 24.5 cm. Steel scabbard slightly dented, otherwise good condition.

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Infantry Officer´s Sword Saxony M1867 Modif.

Product code: 14152
450 €*

Nickel-plated blade with double flooding, hilt with spring-loaded, foldable guard plate with floral decoration and Saxon coat of arms. Black covered handle, silver wire winding. Total length 98 cm, blade length 84 cm. Privately procured officer’s item.

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English Military Machete S+J. Kitchin No. 2640

Product code: 15402
160 €*

Wide blade stamped S + J Kitchin Ltd. Sheffield No. 2640 and Broad Arrow proof mark 1955. Black ebonite grip plate, copper rivets. Leather scabbard with pigskin introduction, stamped on the reverse D.M + S Ltd. 1944 and Broad Arrow with G. Total length 50.5 cm, blade length 37 cm. Blade back with traces of […]

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Tear Hook

Product code: 15999
130 €*

Forged spout with a square point and tear hook on the side, probably from the Peasant War period. Length 26 cm. Rusty surface.

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Bayonet Germany M88/98

Product code: 15760
100 €*

Blade with fuller, back with Prussian crown and indistinct date (probably 15). All-metal handle with Turkish letters. Steel scabbard with remnants of bluing. Overall length 38.2 cm, blade length 25.1 cm. Blade in good condition, scabbard light dallons in the front.

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Bayonet France Berthier Musqueton M92

Product code: 15748
140 €*

Wedge blade with wide groove, blade back in point fuller. Quillon with serial number, ebony grip panels. Burnished scabbard. Total length 51.5 cm, blade length 40 cm. Very good condition.

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Bayonet Argentina M 1891, 1891

Product code: 15359
140 €*

Flooded wedge blade stamped Modelo Argentino 1891 with national coat of arms. Opposite Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. Solingen. Riveted, grooved aluminum grip panels with various  stamps. Burnished steel scabbard. Length 52 cm. Very good condition.

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Bayonet Netherlands M 1895, 1895

Product code: 15356
290 €*

Wedge blade with T-shaped cross-section, double-edged in point. Stamped B with crown, as well as scales mark with A C (for Alexander Koppel Solingen). Riveted walnut grip panels. Leather scubbard with hanger, stamped G.W. Length 48 cm. Very good condition, lots of original blue on the blade, the handle with minimal dots. Rarely, as mostly […]

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Yataganbayonet for Jäger Rifle

Product code: 15336
950 €*

Wide Yata blade, blade root weakly stamped P.L.B with sawtooth edging. Steel fittings. Black waffle-coated ebonite handles. Overall length 71.3 cm, blade length 57.9 cm. Knob stamped 40 on the back. It is structurally identical for the Liechtenstein hunting rifle, but does not fit. English design made in Solingen. Cleaned rust spots.

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US Belt with Sword Hanger

Product code: 15587
1.900 €*

Clasp with US eagle and motto E Pluribus unum, gold-plated with silver-plated laurel wreath. Manufacturer’s stamp on the back The Pettibone Bros mfg.co. Cin`ti.o. Dark blue leather belt covered with gilded fabric, associated hanger with the same manufacturer logo, two snap hooks. Length 102 cm. A snap hook with repair, otherwise excellent condition with almost […]

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Bayonet USA M1/M1942, 1942

Product code: 15338
70 €*

Flooded, phosphated blade, root stamped AFH US. Bakelitt butt plates, pushers. Pertinax scabbard with steel fittings. Total length 37 cm, blade length 25 cm. Bayonet very good condition, scabbard damaged, mouthguard heavily corroded.

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Bayonett P 1907, 1907

Product code: 14531
120 €*

Wedge blade with flooding. Manufacturer Wilkinson 1907 with crown GR. English proof. Screwed handles. Leather scubbard with steel fittings. Length 55 cm. Handle and point with some rust spots, blade and leather very good

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Bayonet AK74

Product code: 14411
40 €*

Saw blade, bakelite handle, steel blade. Length 27 cm.

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Bayonet M 1891

Product code: 14376
130 €*

For Argentina. Flooded wedge blade, manufacturer Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen. Modello Argentino 1891. State coat of arms, aluminum handles. Steel scabbard. Length 52.2 cm. Handle cups with small dents, scubbard top with some dents, otherwise very good condition.

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Pedang, Ende 19.Jhdt.

Product code: 11554
260 €*

Damask wedge blade cuts both with flooding. Handle dark horn. Grip cap finely decorated and carved. Wooden scabbard with fiber windings. Length 70 cm. Scabbard splintered, good condition.

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Exercise Sword, um 1750

Product code: 13920
480 €*

Double-edged blade with a straight central ridge. At the end of the blade inlaid brass marks, oval Prussian eagle with a crown, scepter and orb, and Berlin between dotted lines. Long wooden handle with an iron clamp. Cross hole for lanyard. Length 95 cm. Blade largely purified rust points, handle with inactive woodworm infestation. Rear […]

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Sword, um 1650

Product code: 13703
2600 €*

Wedge blade double-edged in the point with wide groove. Three golden brands. Upward and downward curved quillons with long clips. Knob with beak-completion, black fluted leather covering. Length 102 cm. Very good condition, vessel parts patinated leather partially smaller age cracks.

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Dagger, 11. bis 12.Jhdt.

Product code: 13453
2200 €*

Double-edged blade, both sides with diamonds and dentil decoration. Handle rectangular cross-section with extended pommel end. Locality in Riedlingen, Swabian Alb. Total length 39 cm, blade length 28 cm. Cutting nicked. For an archaeological find from the early days of the excellent preservation of the iron blade in particular section.

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Bayonet Switzerland

Product code: 12597
80 €*

K31. Elsener, steel scabbard, condition 2+

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Bayonet Switzerland

Product code: 12460
95 €*

K31 Neuhausen, steel scabbard, condition 1-2

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Bayonet Russia

Product code: 12635
45 €*

M 91/30. Condition 1-

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