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Chain mail belt in style of 15th Cent.

Product code: 11599
55 €*

Authentic reproduction of a medieval chain mail belt. Silver-plated chain links with ornamented medallions. Length 112 cm.

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Miniature War Hammer, 16./19. Jh.

Product code: 14865
760 €*

Hammer head with multiple balusters. Opposite side with four-edged, down-bent tip. Round shank. Handle with disc ends and laced handle. The object comes from an old Berlin collection, which was built between the turn of the century and the 1930s. The hammer was probably the attribute of a sculpture. Length 27 cm. Typical old material […]

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Arm of an Armor, ca. 1870

Product code: 11601
680 €*

Arm of a luxury armor in the style of the beginning of the 16th century. Large pushed shoulder, arm with closed forearm. Finely beaded edges, finely etched riveted brass bands. Very good condition. Length 68 cm.

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