Pair of Percussion Pistols

2.900 €*

Blued octagonal barrels inlaid in gold St.Etienne. Adjustable silver fore sight, stamped V with crown (German Vorratsbeschuss before 1890). Breech plug engraved with floral engravings, pistons base with grimacing face. Lock plate of a weapon signed “E.Anschütz”, others engraved “in Zella”. Floral engraved brass fittings, finely adjustable French hair trigger. Walnut stock with checkering and wave carving, brass knobs, horn end caps. Ram rods with horn dopper. Length 36 cm, barrel length 22cm. Barrel inside blank with 12 grooves, field size 13.0 mm, 13.35 mm. Due to the quality fluctuations in steel smelted in Germany before the industrialization, runs from Belgium and France were often used, sometimes delivered by the customer. Very good condition and function.

Product code: 14882

Manufacturer: Anschütz, Zella

Year: um 1830

Caliber: Feld 13,10 mm, Zug 13,55 mm

Rechtliche Informationen

From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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