Bread Bag WW I

Product code: 16671
50 €*

Green linen with leather straps and zinc buttons. Width 30 cm. Attic find from the Stuttgart area. Steel parts rusty, some bluing retained, good condition.

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Bayonet Bag Mauser M 98/29

Product code: 16681
40 €*

Persia contract. Light brown leather, almost as good as new. Length 19 cm.

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Miniature Machine Gun 08/15

Product code: 13964
1.450 €*

Handcrafted, detailed machine gun with moving parts. Knee supports covered with leather. Mounted on a marble base with a circumferential dedication: The fire pipe companion to your honorary companion Colonel Leutnat Eckardt as a tribute to your anniversary on the 2nd Martii 1927. Base 20 cm x 10 cm, height 8.5 cm. Rare collection item […]

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Bayonet Germany M 71/84- 93 1.Modell

Product code: 15354
130 €*

Blade with long hollow track stamped Simson and son Suhl. Screwed beechwood handle scales. Length 37.5 cm. Very good condition.

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Bajonett M 1891/16 TS Italy

Product code: 15348
290 €*

Truppi Speziali variant 1921. Blade with flat hollow track stamped Brescia, opposite MA. Uncut quillons, push button on the back. Riveted fruitwood handles. Leather scabbard stamped ET 1931. Brass fittings, original coupling shoe. Length 42.3 cm. Rare variant. Knobs cleaned rust scars, otherwise very good condition.

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Bayonet M 1871/87/16 Italy

Product code: 15353
150 €*

Wedge blade stamped Terni. Shortened quillons, horn grips. Leather scabbard with brass fittings, stamped SARJEA 1935. Length 37.5 cm. Blade cleaned rust scars, otherwise good condition.

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Gun Holster with Belt, neuzeitlich

Product code: 13583
60 €*

Sturdy, thick leather with fine floral embossing, black. Length 113 cm. Very good condition.

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Revolver Holster with Belt

Product code: 13582
60 €*

Brown, thick leather with floral decoration. Decorative rosettes, cartridge tabs. Length 105 cm.

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Hunting bag German early / mid 20th century

Product code: 14861
90 €*

Green suede with deer skin and chicken gallows. Very good condition inside and out.

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Ammunition Bergmann 6,5 mm

Product code: 15450
480 €*

9 shots, two of them with German customs seal. Very good condition, slightly patinated. Very rare collector ammunition.

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Pistol Holster, Mitte 20. Jh.

Product code: 14869
50 €*

German authorities for P38 / P1. Very good condition.

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Pistol Holster, Anfang 20. Jh.

Product code: 14860
70 €*

for FN pistols. Brown leather, with preserved cleaning tool. Very good condition

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Scope Diavari ZM 2,5 – 10 x 48 MC, 1999

Product code: 13840
1800 €*

including Blaser R93 mounting. Reticle 4. Very good condition, rarely used.

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Riflescope, ca. 1930

Product code: 12364
380 €*

Type: CERTAR 4 1/2. Blued steel parts, painted brass parts, Suhler Einhakmontage. Clear look, reticle 1. With original leather protection caps, original case. Diameter for mounting 30 mm, length 32 cm. 

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Bullet tongs

Product code: 14285
95 €*

for long flattened bullet, .45 caliber, two fat grooves. Cropper stamped with 450 T. length 23 cm. Very good condition.

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Bullet tongs, 1889

Product code: 13345
120 €*

Rare version with two molds for projectiles for infantry rifle M87 cal. 12,17 x 42 RF, as well as for the modification model M89 in cal. 8×58 Danish Krag. Length 27 cm. Floor surfaces i.O., outside patinated.

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Oil Bottle, 1903

Product code: 11242
10 €*
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