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Pauly Carbine Germany about 1865

Product code: 15958
1.100 €*

Octagonal barrel with visor and sliding front sight with tunnel. Block lock with Pauly tilting system, which is opened and tensioned by a side lever. Diopter base and finely adjustable German set trigger. Steel fittings, horn trigger guard, horn cap with high curvature. Two-sided jaws for right and left handed shooters. Length 98 cm. Clean […]

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Zastava Mod. Bergfreund, 1991

Product code: 13063
690 €*

Black burnished, pear-shaped barrel with finely adjustable folding rear sight, reduced 98 system. Sleeve with company address. Zeiss glass Diavari-C 3-9 x 36, reticle 4, swivel mounting. Walnut stock with cheek and checkering. Stock some small pressure point in the area behind the rear stirrup, otherwise brand-new condition.

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Bolt Action Rifle Mauser, ca. 1930

Product code: 14606
550 €*

Conical barrel with tunnel grain. Fixed rear sight and folding arms with silver lines. Direct trigger. Mauser system with weak, military proof marks from the imperial era. English Shock Stamp, as well as 7mm EX and NP with crown, Corbite 31 175 max. Grained walnut stock with checkering and horn cap. Length 119 cm. Withdrawal […]

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Luxury Doublebarrel Shotgun, ca. 1870

Product code: 14592
1.900 €*

Rose damask barrels with silver inlays in the chamber area, signed Damasco fino. Locks, system and fittings in the finest arabesque engraving, in gold framed cartouche escaping deer, signed in gold Santos Casa do Claudio. Length 115 cm. In fine mahogany box with rich accessories (cleaning rod and brushes missing) and loading utensils. Barrels inside […]

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Bolt Action Rifle Steyr Mannlicher M1893/1914, 1914

Product code: 13094
2250 €*

Conical concentricity with raised rib, blued system signed M1893, bridge signed Steyr 1914. Magazine box, finely adjustable hair trigger. Very finely grained walnut stock, handle with checkering. Mounting base. Length 114 cm. Blank barrel, very good condition. Of this model, only a few were made as a hunting weapon, so it is an interesting model […]

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Double Barrel Shotgun, ca. 1880

Product code: 14598
1150 €*

Blank Barrels signed Gallyon & Sons 66 Bridge Street Cambridge. Slight arabesque engravings with newly sleeved barrels and English nitro proof. Ejectors. Steel system box with fine English arabesque engraving. Fuse in gold inserted Save. Finely grained walnut stock with oval silver monogram plate.Length 115 cm. This weapon is a weapon with a traditional Anson […]

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Drilling, Mitte 50er Jahre

Product code: 13868
1350 €*

Barrel set black burnished, stamped “Spezial Laufstahl Bochumer Verein“ (“Special Barrel Steel Bochumer Verein”) . Automatic visor flap by bullet shot. System box finely engraved with roe-deer and deer in woodland. Signal pins , Greener safety, black horn trigger, finely grained walnut stock . Length 103 cm. The fitting glass Zeiss Diavari M2,5-10×50 T * […]

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Hammer Shotgun, ca. 1880

Product code: 12909
790 €*

Rose Damascus barrels. Rail signed C.Fisher 8 Princes Street, Leicester Square, London. Locks and Fittings finely engraved with arabesques. Trail handle. Fine grained walnut stock. Bright barrels souls with light spots, pressure marks on the top of barrel , a rust spot on lock. Length 117 cm.

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Double Barrel Shotgun, ca. 1930

Product code: 12914
880 €*

English barrels with English nitro proof barrels signed by William Ford Ltd. Birmingham. Anson & Deely system with signal pins. Fine German hunting engraving, nitro German proof. Horn trigger guard, horn cap and pistol grip cap. Walnut stock with cheek piece. Length 112 cm. Very good condition.

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Side-by-Side Shotgun, 1880

Product code: 12910
1500 €*

Blued barrels sleeved in recent times, the barrel bore blank. Early Anson & Deeley Patent drop-barrel-system stamped 6560.  Very fine arabesques and bouquet engraving, ejectors. Highly figured walnut stock. Length 117 cm. Engraving on the trigger guard a bit flat. From gunsmith restored, very good condition and function.

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Side-by-Side Shotgun, ca. 1890

Product code: 12915
2300 €*

Blued double barrels sleeved in recent times. Rib signed 1, lateral “sleeved”. Newer English nitro fire. System with fine arabesques and bouquet engraving  signed WW Greener. Opening lever with a golden crown, ejectors, figured walnut stock with removable forearm and golden monogram plate signed WGS.  Length 108 cm. The weapon is formerly owned by the […]

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Over-and-under Ball-and Shot Gun, 1971

Product code: 11031
Special price: 150 €*

Drop barrel, interesting firing pin conversion. Almost new condition.

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