Pistols & Revolvers, military

Flare gun, 2.WK

Product code: 13204
980 €*

Double-barreled barrel combination of aluminum , dark-olive anodized. Mark each 4 in circuit with eagle, aluminum system black anodized with production code ojr for Emil Eckhold, Suhl. Several proof marks e.g. eagle with 9, reversing lever for the left and right barrel, tensioning indicator, fuse. Juxtaposition double trigger, bakelite butt-plates. This double-barreled variant was used […]

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Self-loading Pistol Mod.600/43, 1943

Product code: 13894
540 €*

Contract model for the air force in Chile. Carriage with deep stampings, state emblem, Spanish proof. Blank obtained functional parts, walnut grip panels with checkering. Grip safety. Bluing almost completely. Length 21 cm.

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Lefaucheuxrevolver, 1870

Product code: 12700
980 €*

Octagonal barrel signed C.G.Haenel in Suhl. Fully nickel-plated surface. Side lever to release the  the barrel and gently break down, at the same time serves as a cartridge ejector. Ebony handles. Length 27 cm. Very good condition and function. Front barrel light defect in nickel, nickel plating remaining completely. Rare German revolver design.

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Revolver Mod.1882-29

Product code: 12142
440 €*

Conical barrel, flooded drum, right frame side with Swiss coat of arms and FW in circle for Waffenfabrik Bern. Brown ribbed bakelite grip cups. Same number, almost completely preserved deep black blueing. Rare collector’s weapon, only 200 pieces were made.

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