Luxury Doublebarrel Shotgun

1.900 €*

Rose damask barrels with silver inlays in the chamber area, signed Damasco fino. Locks, system and fittings in the finest arabesque engraving, in gold framed cartouche escaping deer, signed in gold Santos Casa do Claudio. Length 115 cm. In fine mahogany box with rich accessories (cleaning rod and brushes missing) and loading utensils. Barrels inside staining, checkering slightly worn, otherwise good condition with a light staining, very good function. This shotgun was made in Belgium in high quality, the gold signature is probably that of a Spanish dealer.

Product code: 14592

Country/region: Belgien/Spanien

Year: ca. 1870

Caliber: 28/65

Rechtliche Informationen

Acquisition-licence needed

Acquisition-licence needed

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