Flare gun

980 €*

Double-barreled barrel combination of aluminum , dark-olive anodized. Mark each 4 in circuit with eagle, aluminum system black anodized with production code ojr for Emil Eckhold, Suhl. Several proof marks e.g. eagle with 9, reversing lever for the left and right barrel, tensioning indicator, fuse. Juxtaposition double trigger, bakelite butt-plates. This double-barreled variant was used on request of Göring for special applications of the Luftwaffe and U-boats . Length 28 cm . Anodic coating in the edge region partially worn , otherwise very good condition and function .

Product code: 13204

Manufacturer: Emil Eckhold Suhl

Country/region: Germany

Year: 2.WK

Caliber: 4

Rechtliche Informationen

Acquisition-licence needed

Acquisition-licence needed

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