Flintlock Guns, civilian

Flintlock Rifle appr. South Europe about 1790

Product code: 15674
1.100 €*

Octagonal damask barrel curved to the muzzle with rear sight, front sight. 4-leaf clover marks and maker’s mark deeply struck in brass. Lock plate stamped deeply with I. Rainproof pan. Engraver converted to direct trigger. Brass fittings with classical line decoration, walnut stock with cheek piece and floral carving highlighted in color. Implied ramrod, bright […]

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Flintlock-Jezailgewehr Afghanistan Mid 19./20. Century

Product code: 16839
140 €*

Old original barrel with rear sight and chamber baluster. Lock with recently renewed pan. Stock with rich mother-of-pearl and brass inlays. Length 107 cm. The lock works, but the main spring is missing. The renewed pan does not match the ignition hole.

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Long Miqueletlock Rifle Ottoman Empire about 1800, um 1800

Product code: 15528
1.100 €*

Octagonal conical barrel with brass rear sight, smith’s mark and 64 stamped. High quality Miquelet lock, cock with floral silver and brass inlays. Rotary toggle with finger hook, floral iron-cut pan. Lock plate brass inlays, floral cut. Dogcatch faucet safety device. Brass fittings, ball trigger, ebonized stock with brass races. Length 163 cm. Rust stained […]

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Moukhala Rifle, ca. 1800

Product code: 10995
590 €*

Octagonal barrel extending over several balusters, the muzzle reinforced. Snap lock with iron cut, automatic advancement of the pan after releasing the tap. Underside of the stock with engraved iron fitting. Wooden stockt with various engraved leg inlays. Length 169 cm. Light patina, otherwise very good condition and function.

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Flintlock Rifle, 1750

Product code: 14616
2400 €*

Octagonal to round changing barrel with 13 straight strokes, soul spotted. Flat guide rail, brass grain. On the underside deep-beaten brand marks, crescent moon .W and Sul (Suhl). Locksmith fine engraved with dog, baroque huntsman and fleeing game. Lock inside master mark HPM. Brass fittings finely engraved with arabesques and floral motifs. Walnut tree carved […]

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Long Flintlockrifle, ca. 1650

Product code: 10425
4.600 €*

Long barrel with multiple fluting in the first quarter, merging over balusters to 9-sided, then merging over another baluster to round. Brass lens bead. One-piece at the base like the barrel fluted breech plug blade, screwed from below like wheellock weapons. Barrel signed Lazarino Cominazzo, underside stamped: VB. Early flintlock shape with a gooseneck flintlock. […]

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