Flintlock Guns, military

Flintlockrifle France M 1777

Product code: 15987
1850 €*

Conical round barrel, breech plug signed M 1777. Chamber stamped with HY13. Lock stamped G13 and crown as well as Liege Manufre Imp.le. Brass powder pan, steel fittings with French L and crown. Front ring with brass lens bead. Length 137 cm. The inside of the barrel is matt with slight staining, the barrel has […]

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Infantry Musket Prussia M1740/73, 1740

Product code: 15766
9.650 €*

Conical barrel, brass lens front sight. Chamber stamped with eagle marks, somewhat hidden stamp of the barrel manufacturer. Faceted lock plate with the official signature Potzdam Magaz. the royal Prussian rifle factory. The edge is signed by DSE for David Splittgerber Erben. Oval thumb plate with crown and FR. Faceted brass fittings and original ramrod. […]

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