Bullet Tongs long bullet Ca. .36 (9,4mm)

Product code: 15118
70 €*

Stamped TR and 65. Length 20 cm. Patinated iron, very good condition.

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Powderhorn Austria about 1750

Product code: 16027
40 €*

Horn body with wooden base and carved wooden stopper. Length 16 cm. Very good condition.

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Shot pouch Austria about 1800

Product code: 16026
30 €*

Leather bag with wooden chute and lock, chip carving. Few signs of wear on one side, otherwise good condition. Length 19 cm.

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Flint Powderflask

Product code: 16018
90 €*

Curved, flat horn body, brass fittings with a serrated edge. Closure with integrated powder measure and chute, green original cord. Length 15 cm.

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Hunting Bag about 1870

Product code: 14789
120 €*

Leather body, flap made of deer fall with hooves, inner pocket with cartridge compartment and further leather pouch. Fine mesh with fringes. Width 27 cm. Original braided strap. Fur partially worn, few seam damage.

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Hunting Bag um 1850

Product code: 15992
100 €*

Leather bag with canvas and net inside, strap. Clipped on chicken gallows. Width 38 cm. Very good condition, leather without cracks. Reinforcement later sewn inside.

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Big Leather Bag about 1850

Product code: 15993
130 €*

Leather bag, inside fine mesh with fringes, 2 canvas compartments and a leather pouch with another pocket. Part of the leather strap is missing, a replacement can be supplied on request. Width 41 cm. Minor seam damage, otherwise good condition.

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Colt Mould Revolving Rifle

Product code: 15626
720 €*

for revolving rifle cal. .64. Stamped .56 S and Colt patent. Round ball and bullet, wooden handles. Brass ferrules. Screws at the end of the handles closed with wooden plugs. Extremely rare, since according to the Colt literature for the Civil War Colt Military Model Revolving Rifle in cal. .64 only 25 pieces were produced. […]

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Hunting bag German early / mid 20th century

Product code: 14861
90 €*

Green suede with deer skin and chicken gallows. Very good condition inside and out.

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Military Drinking Bottle, probably Switzerland, mid-19th century

Product code: 15533
35 €*

Copper with embossed coat of arms PCP and cross. Bottom and lid with solder repairs. Height 19 cm.

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Reverse Hammer Percussion System, 1680/1840

Product code: 15072
340 €*

Built from a baroque wheel lock around 1680 with iron-cut hunting scene, existing wheel shaft, spark protection. Length 19.3 cm. Good condition and function.

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Powderflask, 1840

Product code: 15040
140 €*

Over spring-loaded roller rotatable filling nozzle, adjustable amount of powder, transparent windows on both sides for inspection. Leather powder body with hanging loop. Length 23 cm. A window with hairline crack, otherwise very good condition and function.

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Powder Horn Iron about 1800

Product code: 14678
70 €*

Bent with two carrying hooks, wider third with decorative engraving. Length 31 cm. Cleaned rust stains, old soldering repairs.

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Powderflask, um 1840

Product code: 15030
80 €*

Copper body with palmetto decoration, spring-loaded opener, adjustable powder chute. Length 19.5 cm. One retaining screw is missing, otherwise good condition and function.

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Powderhorn, um 1800

Product code: 11507
50 €*

Oval horn body, wooden back, corkscrew with English crown circulatively inscribed The Crown Pertumery Co. Length 19 cm. Small repair on the bottom, otherwise good condition.

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Flintlock Table Lighter, ca. 1780

Product code: 14209
740 €*

Brass System with sparks container for storage of the priming. Sprung battery, pierced front foot, grained walnut stock. Length 15 cm. Very good condition and function.

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Musketeer powder flask, um 1600

Product code: 13800
980 €*

Trapezoid, wooden body. Frontally and on the back covered with leather, side faces with dark fabric. Iron Mount with cut-out floral decoration, chute with spring-loaded opening lever. Rear belt clip and lateral suspension rings available. Patinated metal parts. Old inventory number on the bottom, back leather with defects. Height 25 cm.

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Powder Flask

Product code: 11518
170 €*

Wooden body with tooled leather, engraved powder chute and pierced decorated, wooden gate valve. Iron parts corroded , leather with minor damage. Length 21 cm.

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