Flintlock Pistols, civilian

Flintlockpistol Bernsdorfer in Ansbach app. 1780, ca. 1780

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Frequently flooded octagonal barrel over baluster to round changing. Brass rear sight and grain, signed Lazzarino Cominazzo. Lock signed Bernsdorfer a Ansbach. Finely faceted lock, iron-cut battery spring, ornate brass fittings, crest-shaped thumb plate, Roccalien cut walnut stock. Horn end cap. Length 41 cm. Knob underside with some signs of wear, otherwise very good condition […]

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Small Flintlock Pistol France, ca. 1740

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Octagonal over 16-edge and baluster on round passing barrel, cannon muzzle. Flat, folded lock plate. Decorated steel fittings. Dark walnut stock slightly floral carved. Length 14 cm. Cleaned steel surface with slight staining, no scars. Very good function.

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Flintlock Pistol Germany about 1750, um 1790

Product code: 15033
1.650 €*

Tapered octagonal barrel in wild damask, breech plug blade with fixed rear sight and two folding shades. Bright minimally spotty barrel with five deep grooves. Marked deep with a double-headed eagle and P.M. Lock with roller-mounted battery, inside finely worked with blued feather and fly. Double, hardened face. Finely adjustable engraver’s trigger, with trophies of […]

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Flintlock Table Lighter, ca. 1780

Product code: 14209
740 €*

Brass System with sparks container for storage of the priming. Sprung battery, pierced front foot, grained walnut stock. Length 15 cm. Very good condition and function.

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Pair of Flintlockpistols, ca. 1750

Product code: 12720
4150 €*

16-edged barrels turning toround. Facets engraved, chamber with brass baluster, brass trim rings, pearl punches and engraved brassbarrel.  Rare from underneath screwed barrels as done in the wheellock time, underneath crest-like forging brand Lock with foliage engraved and fluted side, ornate screw. Fine engraved and pierced brass fitting  with partially preserved gilding. Walnut stock with Rocca […]

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