Flintlock Pistols, military

Flintlock-Gendarmeriepistol France AN 9

Product code: 16209
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Conical round barrel, breech plug with remains of signature Mle AN 9. Lock with brass socket signed Mauberge Manuf.Imp.le . Steel fittings with French acceptances, grained walnut stock. Length 25cm. Based on the lock signature, the production time can be set between 1805 and 1815. Barrel signature difficult to read, cleaned surfaces with minimal remains […]

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Austrian Flintlock Military Pistol, um 1720

Product code: 13550
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Conical octagonal barrel, rib signed iZ, with balusters on round turning. Flat flintlock, brass fittings. Side plate designed as a dragon. Barrel with Suhler hen with N and deep forged stamps IMF. Mounts with low master marks. Smooth, uncleaned hole. Length 42 cm. It could be a rare Austrian pistol, which was introduced before model […]

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