Percussion Guns, civilian

Percussiongun Amberg 1860

Product code: 15963
640 €*

Barrel of the 18th century with various gunsmiths marks, fleeing stag and flower marks with a silver background, silver grain. Chamber and breech plug stamped with old German reserve proof. Military percussion lock, stamped Amberg 1860 with crown and proof marks. Finely grained walnut half stock with fine checkering and wooden trigger guard. Length 138 […]

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Single Barrel Doublerifle about 1850

Product code: 15959
4.450 €*

Octagonal, blued barrel with engraved breech plud  and two reciprocating pistons. Three visor flaps, dovetail front sight. Underside of barrel stamped cal. 13.6 as well as M.LHOEST and various test marks, similar to the Ferlacher test mark. Bright, four times rifled barrel. Groove 14.3 mm, field 13.6 mm. Ramrod rail. Hook-in locks with fine vine […]

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English Military Gun for a boy W.S. Perry, ca. 1865, London, ca. 1865

Product code: 15962
650 €*

Round barrel with octagonal raised chamber, engraved acanthus. Lock plate acanthus engraved and signed W.S. Perry. Finely engraved brass fittings. Walnut stock with checkering. Length 77 cm. Minimal dents in the front area. Chamber, breech plug and lock plate rust spots. Piston neck devious, otherwise good condition. W. Perry worked in London from 1864-1866.

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Percussion Hunting- and Targetrifle Johann Adam Kuchenreuter about 1835

Product code: 15773
2.450 €*

Slightly curved octagonal barrel, adjustable front sight, rear sight with folding blade and beautiful decoration. Color-hardened breech plug with deeply hammered gold mark Johann Adam Kuchenreuter. Bright barrel with seven deep, sharp grooves. Piston base with platinum socket. Color hardened lock plate. Silver side plate marked with “1”, probably from a set. Finely decorated fittings […]

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Target Rifle Austria, ca. 1830

Product code: 15250
1.380 €*

Curved octagonal barrel with floral ornamental engravings over the chamber, rear sight, visor with tunnel protection. Interesting safety mechanism, which is triggered by an oval pressure plate in front of the stock. Kickback lock with a deeply engraved  silver mark in the cartridge field M. Oberkogler. Finely engraved lock plate with flowers and blossoms and […]

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Percussion Rifle North Italy ca. 1780/1840

Product code: 15531
690 €*

Conical concentricity, chamber stamped R. Fore sight pushed on. Lock plate signed Bergamotti. Iron fittings, walnut stock with black horn cap, large cheek, floral carving. Fine hallmarked fish skin and slipcase lid. Ramrod with horn tip. Length 144 cm. Barrel matt inside.

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Percussion Rifle Switzerland, ca.1840

Product code: 12842
640 €*

Octagonal on round changing damascus barrel with butterfly rearsight, smooth with minimal stains, sharp muzzle cone. Back lock signed P.Müller in Chur. Slightly floral engraved iron fittings, walnut stock with checkering. Original ramrod. Length 135 cm. Paul Müller in Chur is mentioned in 1850, see Hugo Schneider “Schweizer Waffenschmiede” p. 194. Barrel outside minimal staining […]

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Percussion Doublebarrel Shotgun Manton London, 1800/1840

Product code: 15504
1.850 €*

Fine Damascus barrels in gold inlaid Manton London, patent breech plug with gold lines finely engraved. Barrel button London Gunmakers Proof and View each with crown. Serial number 3286. Colour cased hardened locks engraved with Manton, pistons secured on rollers using the original battery springs. Engraved hammers. Trigger guard engraved with pheasants on trees, pineapple […]

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Percussion Gun for a Boy, 1810/ apt.1840

Product code: 15252
600 €*

Laterally flattened barrel turning over baluster to round, in the chamber area French bullet point. Smooth iron fittings. Walnut stock with fish skin and cheek, underside carved with boar head. Original ramrod. Length 70 cm. Foreend old repair, otherwise very good condition and function.

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Percussion Rifle, 1840

Product code: 12750
2400 €*

Heavy octagonal barrel, browned. 8 deep grooves, bright. Adjustable rear sight and silver grain. Barrel unhookable. Silver coat of arms in the breech plug. Rear lock signed Behrmann in Münster, finely adjustable engraver. Wooden, finger-trigger guard, patch box. Checkered walnut stock with cheek. Length 125 cm. Very good condition and function.

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