Percussion Pistols & Revolvers, civilian

Percussion Pocket Pistol Germany about 1860

Product code: 16838
200 €*

Round barrel with cannon muzzle, smooth system case, walnut stock with simple flooding. Length 20 cm. Steel surface partially stained, no pits. Very good function.

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Percussion Pistol Liege

Product code: 16550
1.350 €*

Octagonal damask barrel, which can be unhooked towards the muzzle, rear sight and front sight, Liège proof. Finely engraved breech plug and breech plug blade. Upper side with silver-framed lettering cartridge inlaid in gold Canon Damas fin. Lock plate and steel fittings as well as fine bouquet and Roccalia engraving. Beautifully grained walnut stock with […]

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Pair of Luxury Percussion Pistols France about 1740

Product code: 14801
3.900 €*

The cannon shaped barrels are deep and sharp, the entire barrel surface and breech plug inlaid with trophies of arms, arabesques and the symbol of the sun in gold. Underside of barrel with key cam for screwing on and loading from behind. Inspection marks with royal crown and palm frond symbol. Lock plate signed Lombard […]

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Percussion Pistol Chronicka Carlsruh

Product code: 16672
1.500 €*

Octagonal barrel with rear sight over baluster merging to round, brass front sight. Adapted percussion ignition, piston protection. Signed Chronicka a. Carlsruh. Baroque brass fittings, finely engraved. Pommel with a mascaron face. Walnut stock with floral carving, horn finish. Original ramrod. Length 42 cm. Very good condition with old bluing / browning, very good function.

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Percussionpistol Southgermany 1800/1840

Product code: 16078
570 €*

Octagonal barrel with a smooth soul. Smooth, slightly faceted lock, brass fittings in baroque style, typical, southern German sawn-out side plate. Walnut stock with a horn finish and a silver monogram plate. Well supplemented ramrod. Length 33 cm. Fine rust pits in the piston area, otherwise good condition and function.

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Percussionspistol app. Swiss

Product code: 16555
900 €*

Octagonal barrel extending over a baluster, silver grain with hump. Signed I.A.I.Winter. Formerly flintlock adapted to percussion. Slightly floral engraved lock plate, front lock facet engraved I.A.I. Winter. Steel fittings and pommel with floral engravings and iron cuts, hallmarked ground. Walnut stock with light floral carving, horn cap. Length 33 cm. Very good condition and […]

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Percussionrevolver R. Jones Liverpool in Case

Product code: 15856
1.900 €*

5-inch octagonal barrel with three grooves, underside with proof mark. Long loading lever on the side. 5-part drum. Barrel signed R. Jones Liverpool. Hammer with safety, frame with acanthus engravings, double-action trigger. Walnut grip scales with sharp checkering. Length 27 cm. Bluing almost completely preserved. Robert Jones mentions 1826-1870, Stöckel Bd.1 p. 597. In the […]

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Lefaucheux Revolver Liege about 1870, ca. 1870

Product code: 12707
720 €*

Octagonal chamber with floral engraving. Floral and engraved drum and frame. Folding trigger. Checkering handles. Frame stamped VC for Victor Colette. Serial number 52. Length 19 cm. Very good condition with a lot of original blue.

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Pair Luxury Pinfire Pistols Barella, Berlin, ca. 1865

Product code: 15175
5.600 €*

Octagonal, flooded barrels, chamber inlaid with gold “cast steel barrel” with gold bands. Silver grain, engraved breech plug with square for height adjustment of the visor. Inlaid in gold on the rib “H.Barella Königl.: Hofbüchsenmacher Berlin”. Deeply engraved, fine acanthus engraving with floral gold inlays, archer and rider with pimple hood. Ebony stock carved with […]

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Perkussionspistole, 1850

Product code: 11021
320 €*

Aushakbarer, achtkantiger Rosendamastlauf mit verstellbarer Kimme. Schloss und Eisenbeschläge floral graviert, Abzugsbügel mit Fingerhaken. Kannelierter Schaft mit Schnitzereien.  Länge 43 cm. Abnutzungserscheinungen, gute Funktion.

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Pair of Percussionpistols, 1840

Product code: 15080
900 €*

Conical roundbarrels with key groove, steel system case finely engraved on all sides, engraved side hammer with piston baluster, fold-out trigger mechanism. Ebony stocks with palmette carvings, golden monogram plate, silver capsule container with hinged lid in the shape of a mascaron. Length 17.5 cm. A pistol cleaned rust dotts in the piston area, other […]

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Pair of Percussion Pistols, um 1830

Product code: 14882
2.900 €*

Blued octagonal barrels inlaid in gold St.Etienne. Adjustable silver fore sight, stamped V with crown (German Vorratsbeschuss before 1890). Breech plug engraved with floral engravings, pistons base with grimacing face. Lock plate of a weapon signed “E.Anschütz”, others engraved “in Zella”. Floral engraved brass fittings, finely adjustable French hair trigger. Walnut stock with checkering and […]

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Pair of Percussion Pistols, ca. 1845

Product code: 14812
3.750 €*

Curved octagonal barrels signed Joh.Dörfler in Elbogen, unhookable. Eight deep grooves, blank. Engraved chamber, breech plug engraved 1 and 2. Fixed rear sight plus two folding shades. Piston base with copper overpressure pin. Lock plates with fine floral engraving, likewise engraved iron fittings, iron knob plate with finely engraved noble coat of arms with helmet […]

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Duelling or Target Pistols in Case, um 1840

Product code: 14453
5400 €*

Blued octagonal barrels, inside bright, 8 grooves, adjustable rear sight, silver lines, old German Vorratsbeschuss V with crown. With key height-adjustable grain. Floral engraved lock, iron fittings. Walnut with fine checkering and oval silver platelets. Length 40 cm. In a green felt-coated box with accessories: loading hammer with decorated brass ball head, brass powder bottle […]

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Pair Percussion Pocket Pistols in Case, ca. 1840

Product code: 12740
2600 €*

Detachable round barrels with keyways at muzzle. Finely engraved with arabesques steel box system, retractable folding trigger. Cocks at side, rear sight. Pistol knob with box for primer. Polished ebony handles. Matching numbered pair. Leather covered box, lined with suede. Powder bottle with adjustable powder chute of known manufacturer Boche et Aubin, Paris. With antique […]

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Pepperbox, 1850

Product code: 12873
680 €*

Barrel set with four removable damascus barrels, stamped 1 – 4.  Round entire surface engraved steel box with arabesques engravings. Handle same engravings. Ring trigger, walnut grips. Length 18 cm. Good, slightly mottled condition, good function.

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