Percussion Uhlanpistol M1870 Saxony

3.900 €*

Concentric barrel with rooted grain, octagonal chamber, extended iron center bar. Chamber stamped with D under crown, for the proof of the main gun magazin in Dresden. Stamped 1870 (year of manufacture), the Lorenz lock stamped 861 (for 1861). Buttplate stamped with 18.U.1.116 (18th Uhlan Regiment, 1st Eskadron, Weapon 116), catching ring. The grained walnut stock stamped IR under crown for state proof.  Further stamps of the former Lorenz parts recognizable. Low stamped serial number 7, matching numbers on all parts. Good preservation of the blueness, barrel with four deep blank grooves with sharp edges. Very good function. Length 41 cm. From this pistol in 1870 1,200 pieces were ordered from the Spangenberg and Sauer in Suhl, parts of former Lorenz rifles supplied the artillery workshops.

Product code: 15217

Manufacturer: Suhl

Country/region: Sachsen

Year: 1861/70

Caliber: 13,9 mm

From the age of 18 up