Air Gun Wallis in Hull ca. 1750

3.350 €*

Slim octagonal barrel with silver rear sight over baluster and pearl ring merging to round, silver front sight. Finely engraved tang with English flag symbol, flat lock plate signed Wallis, channeled edges. Strong hammer with a finely carved ironwork and high, dome-like screw. French trigger. Steel fittings finely engraved with flowers and musical instruments. Grained walnut stock with fine checkering and fine palmette carvings on the back, horn end. Screwed ball reservoir. Length 128cm. See: Arne Hoff “Windbüchse” p.56 with the mention of Georges Wallis in Hull. Most airguns have a cocking hammer that resembles a simple percussion hammer. This weapon has a complete flintlock installed as a dummy lock, even the battery has a roller. Very good general condition, the weapon contains the complete release and deflection mechanism, but the pressure tank is without a pump valve.

Product code: 16058

Caliber: .31 (7,8 mm)

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From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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