Doublebarrel Percussion Pistol Paufile Paris 1730/1840

790 €*

Conical barrels, rib signed Paufile a Paris in gold, weapon trophies inlaid in gold, silver lens front sight. Locks engraved with baroque shell and roccali decoration as well as gunsmith’s signature, converted to percussion ignition. Fittings engraved in the same style, trigger guard with iron-cut mascaron. Walnut stock carved with ribbons, tassels and shells, sparse silver inlays. Length 37cm. Minimal rust spots in the area of the pistons, otherwise very good condition and function. Gunsmith see Stöckel Vol.II p. 925, worked 1723-1724 in Paris.

Product code: 12862

Caliber: 13,5 mm (.54)

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Acquisition-licence needed

Acquisition-licence needed

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