Percussion Doublebarrel Shotgun Manton London

1.850 €*

Fine Damascus barrels in gold inlaid Manton London, patent breech plug with gold lines finely engraved. Barrel button London Gunmakers Proof and View each with crown. Serial number 3286. Colour cased hardened locks engraved with Manton, pistons secured on rollers using the original battery springs. Engraved hammers. Trigger guard engraved with pheasants on trees, pineapple finish. Engraved steel fittings. Finely grained walnut stock with waffle neck. Original ebony ramrod with ball puller. Excellent state of preservation. Length 126 cm.

Product code: 15504

Manufacturer: Manton

Country/region: London

Year: 1800/1840

Caliber: 20 bore

Rechtliche Informationen

Acquisition-licence needed

Acquisition-licence needed

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