3.550 €*

Fine Damascus barrel with perforated rear sight, silver wire inlays, pearled, silver-inlaid ornamental baluster. Deep struck master’s mark in gold, reinforced cannon muzzle with double front sight and silver inlays. Strong miquelet lock with ring screw and applied brass decorations, deeply stamped maker’s mark. Button trigger. Battery with inserted, hardened and screwed striking surface. Light wood stock with a light tiger stripe grain, light bone, ebony, green horn and brass inlays. Total length 147 cm, barrel length 110.5 cm. Strong, original ramrod. Fine, heavy weapon. Stock with smaller dents, minimal defects in the area of the silver inlay, otherwise very good condition and function with strong lock mechanism.

Product code: 15696

Caliber: 19,9 mm (.78)

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