Bullet tongs

Product code: 14285
95 €*

for long flattened bullet, .45 caliber, two fat grooves. Cropper stamped with 450 T. length 23 cm. Very good condition.

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Bullet tongs, 1889

Product code: 13345
120 €*

Rare version with two molds for projectiles for infantry rifle M87 cal. 12,17 x 42 RF, as well as for the modification model M89 in cal. 8×58 Danish Krag. Length 27 cm. Floor surfaces i.O., outside patinated.

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Soldier´s Powderflask, letztes Viertel 16.Jhdt.

Product code: 10416
1.620 €*

Trapezoidal, angular wooden body. Surfaces covered with black leather, side and bottom edges with angle plates that open into triangular corner fittings at the bottom and into the lid at the top. Sawn out iron flowers on the front with raised humps. Riveted corner fittings over the entire edges, spring-loaded belt hook on the back. […]

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Soldier´s Powderflask, Anfang 17.Jhdt.

Product code: 10410
1.180 €*

Long, curved wooden body covered with black leather and sewn. Leather surface front and back with line embossing. Iron base and lid with retaining rings. Conical chute with spring-loaded locking device and spring-loaded lock with decorative filings. Spring-loaded clasp on the back for attachment to the belt. Length: 29 cm. Good condition with minimal damage […]

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