Wheellock Rifle

6350 €*

Octagonal, slightly curly barrel with 90% original blueing, rear sight, brass foresight. Bright barrel with seven sharp grooves. Action screw signed No. 2 of a rifle set. Wheel lock with internal wheel, lock plate open worked with engraved double-headed eagle. Pen cover engraved with monsters, hammer engraved with pelican. Trigger with finely adjustable engraver needle, fingered trigger guard with decorations. Walnut stock with floral carving, slipcase and butt cap with horn and birdseye maple top. Open-worked horn loading stick guides, horn ending. Excellent condition and function. Length 90 cm. See Stöckel p. 1245, No. 2319.

Product code: 14656

Manufacturer: Meister CS

Country/region: deutsch/Österreich

Year: um 1650

Caliber: 12,5 mm

From the age of 18 up