Wheellock Pistol Germany 19th Centuray

3.200 €*

Octagonal barrel screwed from below turning over balusters to a round, curved mouth. Signed Johann Jacob Bähr Würtzburg. City mark stamped in copper with double-headed eagle on diamond shield and F. Lock plate with external wheel, sliding pan lid. Rooster with a stylized bird, lying back, pecking on the main spring. Decorative filings and engravings, same copper city mark. Ebony stock with slim, octagonal pommel, ferrule and ball end. Trigger with balusters, ramrod. This weapon was probably made in the 19th century. Worked with great gunsmith precision using old parts. The screw threads are provided with old pitches. Length 59 cm.

Product code: 16833

Caliber: 15 mm (.58)

Rechtliche Informationen

From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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