Wheelock Rifle Suhl about 1620

5.900 €*

Octagonal, curved barrel with six deep grooves. Barrel surface matt with staining. Chamber stamped VW. Finely crafted lock with remnants of old bluing, deeply embossed TS coat of arms mark, beautiful iron engraving on the inside. Fingered trigger guard. Fruitwood stock with cheek piece, forend decorated with grooves. Simpler bone inlay with rabbit, bear and ramrod tube and forearm end decorated with tendrils. Spring-locked plaster cover. Probably original ramrod. Total length 107 cm, barrel length 81 cm. Lock mark see Stöckel vol. 2 p. 1311, initials see Stöckel vol. 2 p. 1421, both stand for Suhl.

Product code: 17284

Caliber: 13,5 mm, Zugmaß 14,1 Feldmaß 13,5 mm

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