Percussionspistole US Kentucky, 1984

Product code: 15287
290 €*

Octagonal US barrel 16-edged with 8 sharp, blank grooves. Stamped Ulm 1984. Dixie percussion lock. Fruitwood stock with epoxy bedding. Spring-loaded, backlash-free trigger. Barrel length 25.5 cm, total length 39 cm. Successfully scored at championships.

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Flintlock Pistol Type Manton, 1994

Product code: 15284
560 €*

Tanned octagonal barrel with seven sharp, blank strokes. Ignition hole srew. proof marks Ulm April 1994. Finely crafted L and R lock, battery with scooter, as well as doubled, hardened clubface. Very good flying sparks. Finely adjustable engraver trigger. Nut tree with tiger grain. Barrel length 25.5 cm, total length 38 cm. Very good condition […]

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Percussionrifle Pennsylvanian Rifle, ca. 1980

Product code: 15289
280 €*

Deep black burnished octagonal barrel with eight sharp, blank grooves. Adjustable engraver. Engraved, colorful hardened lock, walnut stock with fine brass inlays, patchbox. Barrel length 102 cm, total length 145 cm. Original price 409 €. Cheek with minimal pressure point, otherwise mint condition.

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PercussionrifleTennessee Rifle, ca. 1990

Product code: 15293
420 €*

Browned US barrel with eight sharp, clean grooves. Epoxybedding. Proof Köln 02. Fine adjustable engraver. American walnut stock with tanned grain. Barrel length 86.5 cm, total length 125 cm. Trigger distance 34 cm. The weapon was successfully shot at championships, very good condition and function.

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Flintlock Replika Mod. 1810, ca.1980

Product code: 15164
230 €*

Octagonal barrel, top completely engraved with arabesques and model 1810. Breech plug with numeral set in silver 1. Engraved brass fittings, engraved lock.Light walnut stock. Length 41 cm. Deep drawn bare barrel, good flying sparks.

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Target Rifle, 1980

Product code: 14333
3.600 €*

Model: Greuling Esslingen for left shooters. Ferlacher barrel, octagonal with owner’s initials inlaid in gold, can be removed, secured with three slides. Ulmer black powder proof, January 1980. Barrel inside sparkling bright with 6 sharp, deep grooves, sharp muzzle cone, adjustable, open at the top pearl grain. Lock hand engraved with vine leaves and grapes, […]

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Doublebarrel Percussion Rifle Replica, ca. 1990

Product code: 14713
980 €*

Burnished barrels with two folding rear sights, engraved breech plug, height adjustable folding diopters. Engraved locks, steel fittings. Checkered walnut stock with cheek. Shotguns changeable barrel in caliber 16 .58. Length 114 cm. Original price with changeable barrel and diopter approx. 2000 €.

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Kentucky Percussion Gun, 1970er Jahre

Product code: 12739
480 €*

Blued octagonal barrel, bright with eight grooves. Lock with fire screen, lock and brass fittings finely engraved. Grained walnut stock. Length 129 cm. Brass Parts minimal patina, otherwise near mint condition.

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Percussion Revolver Colt Wells Fargo

Product code: 11347
180 €*

Colour case hardening steel system box, very good condition.

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Perkussion Revolver Ruger Old Army, 1974

Product code: 11386
Special price: 650 €*

Round barrel with manufacturer’s address, bluing on steel parts intact. Brass handle slight patina, walnut grips with builder’s plate. Very good shooting performance. Length 35 cm.

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