Flintlockpistol David Manton 1806 Replica

Product code: 17000
380 €*

Octagonal barrel, brass front sight and rear sight, signed David Manton 1806. Case-hardened lock, brass fittings with decorated pommel and brass ramrod rail. Grained walnut stock. Length 40cm. Sparkling barrel with six sharp rifling, very good function. Replica from the 1970s.

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Gothic Estoc Dagger

Product code: 16895
670 €*

Strong, symmetrical blade with a high central ridge, root with continuous fuller, octagonal discs with silver bars in between in Gothic style. Grip with gristle. The disc pommel is identical to the guard. Black leather scabbard with decorated silver fittings, the chape with a plastic acorn in silver. Length 49.0 cm, blade length 32.5 cm. […]

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Military Jaeger Rifle Baden M 1843 Custom Made

Product code: 16866
2.670 €*

Heavy browned octagonal barrel, detachable. Mounted quadrant sight and tunnel front sight, piston socket with cleaning screw. Spotless barrel bore with six broad, sharp grooves. Case hardened lock signed Königl.Würt.Fabrik. High-quality lock mechanism with fly, stamped Roller 80 on the inside. Finely adjustable German set trigger. Brass fittings, hinged patch box with spare piston. Solid […]

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Ardesa Firecracker Pistol, three shots

Product code: 14453
690 €*

Heavy octagonal barrel with octagonal chamber merging over baluster to cannon muzzle, embossed loading data. Hammer with sliding hammer to fire three shots in a row. Walnut stock with brass trigger guard, original carrying strap. Shelling in Munich 2001, Baden-Württemberg in 2005, 2010 and 2013. Length 30 cm, top of the hammer with minimal scratches […]

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Percussion Hawken Rifle Replica Italy

Product code: 16499
380 €*

Investarms company. Octagonal burnished barrel with height-adjustable rear sight, sharp, deep rifling,  unhookable. Lock deep arabesque and bouquet engraving. Finely adjustable engraver. Brass fittings, patch box. Finely grained walnut stock. Length 115 cm, length up to the trigger 36.5 cm. Very good condition and function.

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Two Hand Sword Replika Braveheart Fa.Marto, neuzeitlich

Product code: 16554
100 €*

Double-edged blade. Ricasso and handle wrapped in suede, steel fittings. Length 133 cm, mint condition, original price 168 €.

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Doublebarrel Corsair Percussionpistol

Product code: 15915
190 €*

Rifled round barrels, Italian proof marks. Finely engraved and color hardened rear locks, engraved brass fittings, walnut stock. Length 34 cm. Almost new condition, very good function.

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Target Rifle, 1980

Product code: 14333
3.600 €*

Model: Greuling Esslingen for left shooters. Ferlacher barrel, octagonal with owner’s initials inlaid in gold, can be removed, secured with three slides. Ulmer black powder proof, January 1980. Barrel inside sparkling bright with 6 sharp, deep grooves, sharp muzzle cone, adjustable, open at the top pearl grain. Lock hand engraved with vine leaves and grapes, […]

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Kentucky Percussion Gun, 1970er Jahre

Product code: 12739
480 €*

Blued octagonal barrel, bright with eight grooves. Lock with fire screen, lock and brass fittings finely engraved. Grained walnut stock. Length 129 cm. Brass Parts minimal patina, otherwise near mint condition.

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Percussion Revolver Colt Wells Fargo

Product code: 11347
180 €*

Colour case hardening steel system box, very good condition.

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