Needlefire Rifle, Italy M 1867 Artillery

3.300 €*

Conical round barrel with adjustable cam sight up to 300 m. Bayonet mount, bright barrel with four wide rifling. Lock with existing ignition needle. Marked, iron lock guide pan in the stock wood. Brass fittings marked, walnut stock with deep marks. Original cleaning rod. Total length 109 cm. Very good condition and function. Matching numbered bayonet with double-edged blade. Brass hilt with a grooved handle. Pressure lever for releasing the bayonet. Black leather scabbard with brass fittings, acceptance marks. Total length 59 cm, blade length 45.5 cm. Blade with only superficial, light stains, otherwise very good. This offer is a special opportunity for the needlefire gun collector, as the rare bayonet is also included.

Product code: 17497

Caliber: 18 mm

Rechtliche Informationen

From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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