Pair of Top-Hat Travellingpistols in Case

3.400 €*

Unscrewable round barrel, blued, fine arabesque engravings, as well as the steel system case. Pivoting battery holding down percussion primers Mod. Top-hat with brim. Tap with a flat face. Safety slide, which secures the hold-down device against opening. Deeply embossed Birmigham proof marks, fold-out trigger. Engraved silver knob plate. Finely grained walnut grip with chequering, silver monogram plate signed G.A. Length 16cm. Marked in mahogany case with primer setter, key, barrel wrench, primer box, cleaning tool for tow and cloth, piston wrench, hallmarked silver grease box and Queen Victoria bust, lined with green felt. Signed G.A. on the brass monogram plate on the lid. Dimensions: 34 x 25 cm. All in very good condition and working. The Fisher top hat system is one of the earliest percussion systems and is described in Early Percussion Firearms, p. 87, and Figs. 77 and 78.

Product code: 16104

Caliber: .51 (13mm)

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