Percussion Rifle, Germany about 1780/1840

580 €*

Octagonal, curved barrel, bright with five deep, straight grooves. Rear sight and brass front sight. Flat, faceted, stepped lock plate, master’s stamp L.G. Brass fittings with a simple decorative cut. Original ramrod. Walnut stock with tiger stripe structure, plaster butt plate made of staghorn. Length 121.5cm. Barrel with minimal impact marks and scratches in the chamber area, piston fine scars, otherwise very good condition and function. This rifle is a straight rifling general purpose rifle where the bullet has a tight guide and the rifling improves burn and results in a flatter trajectory. The hunter still had the option of using shot.

Product code: 15027

Caliber: 14,5 mm (Feld 14,5mm, Zug 15,3mm), (.57 inch)

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From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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