Stone bow rifle, probably Nuremberg about 1600

4.700 €*

Forged, wedged steel bow with finely forged eyepieces, braided hemp string with central steel roller. Screwed folding rear sight. Iron column with hinged tensioning lever. Deeply struck PS brand with mill wheel. Attached barrel with slot for sight guide, inserted brass front sight. Turnbuckle, trigger guard. Cheek butt made of walnut with fine leg inlays, one side with a soaring eagle on a branch framed by snakes. Opposite side with eagle sitting on egg and owl flying up with bird prey. In the middle there is a medallion with a sun and moon symbol, which indicates bird hunting by day and night. Arch span 77 cm, total length 77 cm. Very good condition with light patina, functioning key lock. Mill wheel mark with initials PS see Stöckel Vol. 2 p. 1259 No. 6365 for a crossbow bow dated 1620. An identical mill wheel mark without initials can be found under No. 1472 Stöckel Vol Exceptional, rare Schnepper specimen with a rifle barrel for shooting with clay balls and probably also shot. Provenance: from a rifle chamber in a castle near Frankfurt a.M.

Product code: 17639

Caliber: 18 mm

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From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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