Bayonett Prussia Test or Replacement Model 1915

920 €*

Wedge blade with flooding, back with acceptance mark and crown, otherwise no further markings. Solid grip with small, screwed, recessed walnut grip panels. Strong pusher. Steel scabbard with carrying hook and two embossed beads. Length 43.4 cm, blade length 31.2 cm. Blade in good condition, pommel section with cleaned rust spots, left grip scale with signs of wear. Scabbard approx. 50% original paintwork, small rust spots in the front area. Very rare bayonet. Paul Kiesling defines it in Vol. 1 No. 207 as a replacement model 1915 and notes that it was used by the cavalry in very small numbers. Schürer classified it under No. 389 as a 1915 test bayonet.

Product code: 15365

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