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Helmet, Historismus

Product code: 14565
1950 €*

Richly decorated coat helmet in the style of the Renaissance. Dome with high comb. 2-part visor with opening lever, pawl, collar. It is completely adorned with ancient battle scenes, weapon trophies and river gods. Iron art casting, which was elaborately worked out. Such helmets are documents of rare originals. Height 31 cm. Kinnreff on the […]

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Wind Rifle Pirko in Wien, um 1850

Product code: 15255
9.400 €*

Tanned octagonal barrel with a height- and side-adjustable rear sight, with square adjustable grain. Top side of the lock plates in gold-framed font cartridges signed: H.Mulacz, engraver. Chamber area rich foliage deposits in gold, signed Rudolf Pirko in Vienna. Right and left lock plate same gold inlays and buquett engraving. In the cartouche satyr and […]

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Percussion Uhlanpistol M1870 Saxony, 1861/70

Product code: 15217
3.900 €*

Concentric barrel with rooted grain, octagonal chamber, extended iron center bar. Chamber stamped with D under crown, for the proof of the main gun magazin in Dresden. Stamped 1870 (year of manufacture), the Lorenz lock stamped 861 (for 1861). Buttplate stamped with 18.U.1.116 (18th Uhlan Regiment, 1st Eskadron, Weapon 116), catching ring. The grained walnut […]

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Pistolet des Gendarmes de la Garde M 1814, 1814

Product code: 14279
2.400 €*

Octagonal barrel, chamber engraved, barrel rib signed Gendarmes de la Garde, Liège proof. Smooth bore, engraved breech plug, rear sight. Lock plate with simple floral engraving, engraved steel fittings. Grained walnut stock with waffled checkering and double flooding at the buttock. Knob with engraved oval knob plate, golden monogram plate. Length 34 cm. Piston head […]

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Luxury Revolver, 1883

Product code: 14753
4.900 €*

The barrel and frame correspond to the Reichsrevolver M79, system and handle the Reichsrevolver M83. Richly decorated silver inlays consisting of lines, silver studs, flowers and leafy tendrils. Handle Niello. Frame signed below H.von Dirch. Frame dated 1883 and manufacturer’s mark S & S, VCS and GGH Suhl. This revolver is the rare variant that […]

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Flintlock Revolver Rifle, ca. 1690

Product code: 14855
12.500 €*

Octagonal barrel changing over 16 edges and two balusters to round, with four deep, straight grooves. Drum with three octagonal chambers, floral engravings, signed Hardtman and each numbered 1, 2, 3. Swiveling flap, which releases the respective chamber for loading. Each chamber is equipped with its own battery. The barrel No.1 also has a side […]

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Hunting Cutlery, Ende 19. Jh.

Product code: 14835
860 €*

Saber-shaped wedge blade stamped Anton Wingen Jr. Solingen, baluster-like silver ferrule. Deer horn grip carved with fleeing deer pair, knob vollplastisch carved with dog’s head. Meat fork with spring-loaded holder, handle design suitable for the knife. According to information this cutlery comes from a Bavarian castle. On cardboard on the back Trader’s stamp from Pilsen.

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