Kunst- und Waffenkammer alte Waffen

About us

For the past 40 years we have had a passion for old weapons and antiquities and during that time our passion has done nothing but increase. Thanks to worldwide connections with collectors, dealers and museums, we continually get pieces, which are looking for new owners. The idea of one company alone buying, selling, advising and organising was eventually a reality by the end of 2007. We are confident that with this step, old contacts can be strengthened, and new ones can be founded.

We guarantee:

  • an accurate description
  • a balanced market price
  • careful handling, and safe shipment of the items
  • a smooth returns process, if the item does not fully meet expectations

The well established relationships that we have, as well as the membership of professional bodies, associations and societies, vouch for the necessary knowledge and expertise, and also for a cooperative partnership, from which our customers can take confidence.

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