Edged Weapons, military

Bayonet Prussia M98/05 with Saw

Product code: 16623
340 €*

Blade widening towards the front with wide fluting, saw back, blade back stamped W with crown and 16 for 1916, root stamped Weyersberg Kirschbaum and Cie Solingen. Fire protection plate, screwed walnut grip panels, spring-loaded pusher. Steel scabbard with carrying hook and acceptance stamp. Original condition with old fat, scabbard with a little patina, no […]

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Bayonet 84/98 n. A.

Product code: 17109
90 €*

Wedge blade with a wide fuller, blued surface, no root markings. Fire protection plate, pommel with Heereswaffenamt stamp WAA253. Screwed walnut grip panels, blued blade with sharpening marks. Total length 38.8 cm, blade length 25.3 cm. The scabbard is missing the ball end, wood with dents, otherwise in excellent condition. This bayonet was intended for […]

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Bayonet England, MK III

Product code: 16607
80 €*

Wedge blade with wide fluting, root stamped 1907 and G.R. With crown (George Rex) and Wilkinson. Verso with Broad Arrow and various English acceptance stamps. Knob with continuous longitudinal bore, spring-loaded pusher, screwed walnut grip panels. Total length 56 cm, blade length 43 cm. One grip with dent, otherwise very good condition

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Socket Bayonet England P 1853

Product code: 16632
160 €*

Triangular cross-section with three fullers, ricasso stamped with WD and Broad Arrow, crown and E2. Bayonet socket with locking ring. Length 52.3 cm, blade length 43.1 cm. Grommet diameter 21.2 – 21.7 mm. Very good condition.

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Socket Bayonet similiar to French M 1822

Product code: 16239
100 €*

Total length 53 cm, blade length 43.4 cm. Grommet diameter 20 -20.4 mm. Very good condition.

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1842 Bayonet France Mod. 1842

Product code: 15428
180 €*

Yatagan blade with a wide fuller. French acceptances. Back etched Manuf. Re – Imp.ale – de Chatellerault 8 bre 1845. Grooved brass grip. Length 69.2 cm, blade length 57.0 cm. Blade with traces of grinding, crossguard with small scars, brass handle with dents. Otherwise good condition.

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Bayonet France M 1866 Chassepot

Product code: 16614
280 €*

Yatagan blade, ricasso with deep French acceptance marks. Back etched  Mre – Imp.ale – de St.-Etienne Mars 1868. Crossguard with serial number and acceptance marks, grooved brass grip. steel scabbard. Length 69.9 cm, blade length 57.4 cm. Scabbard with patina spots, no dents. Bayonet very good condition

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Epee Bayonet France Mle 1886/93/16

Product code: 15430
120 €*

Blade with four fullers, root marked P. Crossguard with new handle shape, brass grip. Blued steel scabbard. Length 63.5 cm, blade length 51.6 cm. Uncut original length. Handle with minor dents, otherwise very good condition.

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Epee Bayonet France Lebel 1886/93

Product code: 16613
150 €*

Blade with four fullers, butt with French acceptances. Crossguard with bow, white metal grip (German silver). Blued steel scabbard. Length 63.8 cm, blade length 51.8 cm. Uncut original length, very good condition.

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Bayonet France Mle 92 Musqueton 2nd Edition

Product code: 16616
110 €*

Blade with holding nose on both sides, ricasso with acceptance marks. Blade back with fuller. Curved long guard, riveted wooden grip panels. Blued steel scabbard. Length 51.2 cm, blade length 39.8 cm. Scabbard blueing with abrasion, wooden grip panels some dents.

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Saber Netherlands M 1898 Hembrug

Product code: 16243
420 €*

Blued saber blade, double-edged point. Root stamped H with crown and acceptance, opposite side Hembrug. Pierced cutlass hilt, wooden grip scales riveted with brass. Strong leather scabbard. Length 75.5 cm, blade length 62.5 cm. Leather scabbard with minor chips, otherwise very good condition with the bluing of the blade almost completely preserved.

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Saber Austria M 1861 for Officers

Product code: 15429
140 €*

Blued saber blade, root stamped Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. Solingen. Vessel with rolled baluster and portepee slits. Ray skin handle without winding. Length 87.0 cm, blade length 72.8 cm. Metal surface patinated, otherwise good condition.

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Bayonet France/Prussia 66/71

Product code: 16622
450 €*

Yatagan blade with deeply struck French acceptance marks. Etched back Mre.Imp.le-de St.-Etienne 8 bre-1867. Crossguard with regimental marking, grooved brass grip. Blued steel scabbard with carrying hook. Length 69.9 cm, blade length 57.3 cm. Scabbard with patina and minimal stains, no dents, bayonet in very good condition. This French bayonet M 1866 was listed as […]

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Bayonet 84/98 n.A.

Product code: 17110
70 €*

Blued wedge blade, fire protection plate, screwed handle scales. Heereswaffenamt Mark WaA253. Length 38.4 cm, blade length 24.8 cm. Blueing partially preserved, grip panels with signs of wear.

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Gothic Estoc Dagger

Product code: 16895
670 €*

Strong, symmetrical blade with a high central ridge, root with continuous fuller, octagonal discs with silver bars in between in Gothic style. Grip with gristle. The disc pommel is identical to the guard. Black leather scabbard with decorated silver fittings, the chape with a plastic acorn in silver. Length 49.0 cm, blade length 32.5 cm. […]

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Flamed Blade

Product code: 169519
50 €*

50 cm. Beautiful forged structure, fine rust scars.

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Sword in Saxon form about 1760

Product code: 16936
740 €*

Blade with a wide groove, root and upper area etched with weapon trophies and floral decoration. Brass hilt with a faceted spherical pommel. Fine bronze wire winding with Turk’s cuffs. Heart-shaped guard plate in the shape of a Saxon with an attached rain protection cuff. Length 90 cm, blade length 73 cm. Partially cleaned rust […]

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Sword Germany about 1700

Product code: 15702
680 €*

Double-edged blade with a high central ridge in the upper area with an etched coat of arms, an eagle and a crown. Brass hilt with brackets and faceted round knob. Coarse brass wire winding. Length 93 cm, blade length 75.5 cm. Blade with staining, hilt very good.

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Bayonet Bavaria 98/05 n.A.

Product code: 16662
270 €*

Wedge blade widened towards the front. Blade back stamped 15 (for 1915) and L with crown (King Ludwig III), Bavarian acceptance marks. Cutting tracks sharpened according to regulations. Root with trademark and Fichtel and Sachs Schweinfurt. Grooved, screwed walnut grip panels, pommel with Bavarian acceptance marks. Steel scabbard with carrying hook. Length 50.4 cm, blade […]

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Bayonet Prussia M88 Ersatzbayonet

Product code: 16677
180 €*

Wedge blade with hollow track, solid steel handle with spring-loaded, semicircular pusher. Field gray version. Blued steel scabbard with suspension hook. Length 43.5 cm, blade length 31 cm. Blade has minimal spotted patina, otherwise good condition. See “German replacement bayonets p.14 and 15 No.3”

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Bayonet Prussia M 88 Ersatzbayonet

Product code: 16605
130 €*

Wedge blade, blade back with Prussian acceptance marks. Solid steel handle, spring-loaded pusher. Length 44 cm, blade length 31.6 cm. See “German Ersatz bayonets” p. 14 and 15 no. 4. Handle with minor impact marks, otherwise very good condition.

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Bayonet Prussia M71

Product code: 16603
160 €*

Wedge blade with wide concavity, root stamped R.Kirschner Solingen. Crossguard stamped U.V.M. 2.28 (non-commissioned officer school V AK. Marienwerder 2nd company weapon 28). Back of blade stamped W with crown and 74 (for 1874). Riveted brass grip panels with Prussian acceptance marks. Length 60 cm, blade length 47 cm. Blade with cleaned rust scars, hilt […]

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Bayonet FN 1924/49

Product code: 16680
140 €*

Unmarked wedge blade, screwed walnut grip panels. Front pommel with serial number, blackened steel scabbard with leather side gun pouch. Length 51.8 cm, blade length 38.5 cm. Minimal impact mark on the cutting edge, otherwise excellent condition.

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Artillery Bayonet Bavarian M 1892

Product code: 16926
390 €*

Single-edged yatagan blade with a wide fuller, maker’s mark AC with scales (Alexander Coppel Solingen). Brass hilt with wide grip grooves and a finely worked lion’s head. Comes with a French scabbard that doesn’t belong, but is a bit too long. Total length 80 cm, blade length 46.3 cm, scubbard length 58 cm. Blade with […]

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Infantry Officer Saber Baden M 1856 109er

Product code: 16369
1.450 €*

Fluted saber wedge blade with fine trophy etching and Baden coat of arms. Root stamped with king’s head mark and W.K.C. (Weyersberg, Kirschbaum Solingen). Wooden handle with a fine checkering coating and triple twisted silver wire winding. Applied, red-enameled, silver 109 star. Nickel-plated handle with double thong slit. Blued steel scabbard with a profiled curved […]

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Cavallry Saber Bavaria M 91

Product code: 16388
730 €*

Plug-back blade with Schör, stamped Weyersberg & Stamm Solingen. Back stamped 94 as well as K with crown and L with crown. Grooved, brown hard rubber grip, riveted. Openwork basket with a Bavarian lion and heraldic shield. Blued scabbard with solid ring, tractor with Bavarian approval. Total length 97 cm, blade length 82.2 cm, blade […]

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Infantry Offocer Sword Mecklenburg M 1889

Product code: 16364
1.150 €*

Straight blade, nickel-plated, double fillet, not sharpened. Grooved wooden handle covered with fine, dark fish skin, triple silver wire winding. Brass hilt with screwed pommel, hinged hilt with Mecklenburg coat of arms under a crown framed by foliage with a bow. Black lacquered scabbard with a ring band and movable ring and hook-in eyelet, multi-profiled […]

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Fusilier Officer Saber M 1826 appr. 1880

Product code: 16404
440 €*

Curved back blade with wide flooding, fine etching of military trophies with Prussian eagle with crown framed by rich foliage. The back is also finely etched. Brass hilt with quillons. Grooved handle covered with brown leather and fine copper wire winding. Black leather scabbard with brass locket and point, as well as carrying hooks. Total […]

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Heavy Cavalry Officer Saber appr. 1890

Product code: 16371
940 €*

Nickel-plated plug-back blade with broad false edge, ricasso stamped Waarenhaus for Army and Navy Berlin, opposite side W.K. & C. under king’s head and knight’s helmet (Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. Solingen). Brass knuckle-bow hilt with reinforced inner angle, rolled quillons with bevelled lobes. Grooved wooden handle covered with black-gray fish skin, triple coarse and finely […]

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Infantry Officer Sword Prussia IOD 1889

Product code: 16352
990 €*

Nickel-plated straight wedge blade with double flooding, the maker’s mark Z stamped on the ricasso in the shield under the crown (Clemens & Jung Solingen). Rigid brass knuckle-bow hilt with an openwork eagle and ruler’s initials W II. Kaiser Wilhelm’s academy (university for prospective military doctors) engraved on the left shell. Grooved wooden handle covered […]

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