Copper, Bronze & Brass

Antique U-Lock, China

Product code: 16832
130 €*

Bronze. Triangular cross-section with reinforcement rings. Key head with double-T profile. Stronger corrosion on the surface, but fully functional. Length including inserted key 17.5 cm.

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Brass Mortar Europe Mid 17th. Cent.

Product code: 16014
350 €*

Wide rim, walls with stylized columns and reflecting cherub heads. The floor slightly bulged outwards due to frequent use, but free of cracks. Otherwise very good condition. Height 8 cm, diameter 13 cm.

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Compass US Engineer Corp

Product code: 15614
170 €*

Manufacturer: Plan Ltd. Neuchatel Switzerland, serial number. Brass case, screws for various settings. Diameter 55 mm.

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Bronce Mortar, Alpes Region about 1800

Product code: 10739
390 €*

Bronze body with reinforced baluster edge. All-round standing ribs in Gothic style. Brass pistil. Height 11 cm. Lower area slightly bulged due to use., Pistill worn in the middle.

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Beckenschläger bowl Nuremberg around 1580

Product code: 15557
380 €*

Brass, central floral motif, plastered writing edge, leaf ring still well preserved. Flag with hanging hole, diameter 43 cm

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Mortar, 16. Jh.

Product code: 14294
390 €*

Brass, baluster border with decorative grooves, wall with webs and cherub heads. Inner wear, otherwise very good condition. Height 7 cm, diameter 12 cm. Old-Rhenish collection.

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Mortar, 16. Jh.

Product code: 14293
460 €*

Brass, profiled edges of the lips, two pin-like, ribbed handle. On the vessel wall Mary with Child and columnar female figures (caryatids). Small eruption at the edge. Height 11 cm, diameter 16 cm. Old-Rhenish collection.

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Mortar, 17. Jh.

Product code: 14295
120 €*

Cylindrical wall with lip edge, slightly taken down by heavy use. Small old Hartlotreparatur. Pestle with decorative grooves. Height 9 cm, diameter 10cm.

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Flintlock Table Lighter, ca. 1780

Product code: 14209
740 €*

Brass System with sparks container for storage of the priming. Sprung battery, pierced front foot, grained walnut stock. Length 15 cm. Very good condition and function.

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