Iron Work

Carter cutlery, Bavaria Mid 18th century

Product code: 15763
640 €*

Horn grip with decorative grooves and foldable blade, with smith’s mark in the middle. Two skewers and long tweezers are inserted, cutlery with grooved horn handles and riveted silver rosettes on both sides. Silver pommel with leaves, a pearl rim and a Bavarian lion sitting above it. Total length 25 cm. Condition: the tips of […]

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Baroque Hunting folding Fork about 1700

Product code: 1595112
220 €*

Two-pronged fork with spiral decoration, folds away. Spring bar with fine iron cut. Riveted grip scales with mother-of-pearl plates and applied silver decorations, hunting scenes, acanthus, foliage… Length unfolded 15 cm. The rear right half of the grip has a minor restoration, otherwise in very good, working condition.

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Money Box Germany about 1580

Product code: 16013
680 €*

Oak wooden body with hinged lid and slot for inserting money. Fitted with ornate iron bands on all sides, openwork hinge bands, lock attached to the front. Size 22 x 16 x 9 cm. Lid is torn, straps on the underside and the right strap in front are missing, no key. Good condition considering its […]

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Iron chest, Southern Germany around 1620

Product code: 15555
3.250 €*

Iron body, front with shackles for padlocks, blind lock with large, open-worked key plate. Cover with hidden keyhole, large decorative rivets. Original key. Two powerful handles on the side. Lid with two fixed tumblers and five movable bolts. Removable lock plate with fine floral engraving, openwork, edges with surface decor. Painted red inside, holding arm. […]

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Portal Lock, um 1700

Product code: 14788
650 €*

Iron hot-dip galvanized. Lock plate pierced worked with baroque ornaments. Lock plate driven and punched ground. Inner and outer door handle available, night latch, hollow key. Lock in very good condition, functional. Length 31 cm, backset 16.2 cm.

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Bronze Pot, um 1600

Product code: 14304
680 €*

Convex boiler pot with the bottom center type sprue, three legs, trapezoidal eyelets, of twisted wrought-iron handle. Height 18 cm, diameter 25 cm.

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Baroque Keys, ca. 1700

Product code: 12902
je 50 €*

with hollow mandrel, about 1700 Length 12 13 cm. Good to very good condition.

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Baroque Keys, ca. 1700

Product code: 12901
je 60 €*

with hollow mandrel, about 1700 Length 12 13 cm.

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