Cartridge Weapons, military

Signalpistol England Mod. 17 MK III

Product code: 17399
230 €*

Brass tilting barrel with funnel mouth, chamber with English approvals Broad Arrow and 17th brass system deep stamped Webley & Scott Ltd. London & Birmingham III as well as English approvals and 17th counter side with serial number and trademark. Iron fittings, wooden handle scales, markings of the carrier and Ypres. Trigger guard removed. Length […]

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Infantry Rifle M91 Italy

Product code: 15937
240 €*

Deep-drawn, bare barrel, octagonal chamber stamped Terni 17. Curve sight up to 2000 meters, chamber with new proof Ulm 07/72. Length 128.5 cm, barrel length 76 cm. Barrel slight dullness, stock sporadical, minimal pressure points. Otherwise very good condition and function.

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US Springfield Mod. 1884 Experimental Ramrod Bayonet Rifle

Product code: 16549
5.400 €*

Conical rpuns barrel, chamber stamped P and V with US eagle (proofed and view). Very finely adjustable sight with Bufington fine sight. Lock stamped US Model 1878, lock plate with US eagle and US Springfield stamp. Forearm end with side pusher for releasing and extending the ramrod bayonet. Walnut stock with deep, sharp acceptance marks […]

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Burnside Spencer Carbine M1865

Product code: 15860
2.550 €*

Lever action rifle Indian Wars Burnside Contract Spencer Saddlering Carbine, Cal. .56-50RF, SN 5474. 7 sections, matching numbers. Conical barrel with raised silver grain, folding frame visor up to 900 yards. System box stamped on top MODEL 1875 SPENCER REPEATING RIFLE / PAT´DE MARCH 6, 1860 / MANUF ´D AT PROV. R.I./BY BURNSIDE RIFLE CO. […]

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Miniature Machine Gun 08/15

Product code: 13964
1.450 €*

Handcrafted, detailed machine gun with moving parts. Knee supports covered with leather. Mounted on a marble base with a circumferential dedication: The fire pipe companion to your honorary companion Colonel Leutnat Eckardt as a tribute to your anniversary on the 2nd Martii 1927. Base 20 cm x 10 cm, height 8.5 cm. Rare collection item […]

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Carbine FN Mod. 1935 Peru, 1935

Product code: 15225
290 €*

Round barrel, sleeve with Peruvian national coat of arms and Fab.Nat.dÀrmes de Guerre Herstal Belgique Modelo 1935. Walnut stock with side strap attachment. Lock not matching numbers. Length 110 cm. Belgian proof. Inside barrel bright, rifle edges slightly rounded, stock with traces of usage. Rust dots in transition to wood. Very good function.

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Rollingblock Rifle, 1866

Product code: 14174
940 €*

Round barrel with visor to 1000 yards. Bayonet slip-on device, Rolling Block closure stamped Remington`s Ilion N.Y. US patent data from 1864 to 1866. Bright barrel with sharp rifling, walnut stock with inspectors stamps I.O.B. Length 128 cm. Blank with minimal patina and original fat. Walnut stock with minimal dents, cleaning rod missing.

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Spencer Carbine, 1864

Product code: 12412
Special price: 3.200 €*

Round barrel with six deep grooves,, bright with minimal spotting, folding rear sight to 800 yards. Steel system box signed Spencer Repeating Rifle Co. Boston. Mass.Pat`d March 6 1860. Lever Action system for 7-shot magazine in the stock. Grained walnut stock, butt plate breech mechanism. Length 99.5 cm. Very good condition with light patina, very […]

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Cadet rifle without lock W.O.Pattern, 1907

Product code: 10844
290 €*

Rare military sporting rifle made ​​for the miniature Rifle organization London Small Arms Company Very good condition, lock is missing. Black powder proof mark.

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