Edged Weapons, civilian

Riding Crop about 1900

Product code: 15044
150 €*

Forged head with small hatchet blade and hammer head, nickel-plated. Shaft made of natural branch, polished. Ring-shaped leather carrying strap. Length 74cm. Edges of the head rubbed, otherwise very good condition. It comes from the hunting estate of a Württemberg adjutant general.

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Ceremonial Sword of the Tikar chiefs, Grassland, Cameroon 19th century

Product code: 10617
290 €*

Grooved forged blade, widened in place and ending in a crescent shape, wooden handle with wire wrapping. Wooden scabbard, covered with snakeskin, carrying loops wrapped with basket weave on both sides. The upper end of the scabbard is lined with fabric beads and decorated with cowrie shells. Length 58 cm, blade length 46 cm. Snakeskin […]

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Gold-touched Parade Ax, Persia, early 19th century

Product code: 17554
950 €*

Scabbard with floral ironcut, the edges inlaid in gold. Tip with silver inlays, spout with iron cut, opposite side with monster inlaid in silver. The upper third of the round shaft is made of damask, then extended twice, ending with a fluted pommel. Length 125cm. Very good condition.

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Hunting hanger Germany 1673

Product code: 14519
1.300 €*

Wedge blade with hunting scenes, birds and signature “Anno 1673”. Fire-gilt fittings, guard plate finely crafted with a lion hunt and Diana crown above, punched base. Handlebar with hunting scenes, mascaron and decorative cut. Knob with mascaron. Length 71 cm, blade length 56 cm. The front area of the blade has cleaned stains, the end […]

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Hunting hanger Germany about 1700

Product code: 17132
750 €*

Double-edged blade with double fluting, gold-plated hilt with lion, dog and deer on a punched background, crossguard ends worked as a lion’s head. Closed handle frame with riveted horn handle scales. Black leather scabbard with brass fittings, mouthpiece with carrying ring. Length 75 cm, blade length 59 cm. Grip frame two old repairs, leather scabbard […]

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Hunting hanger Germany about 1800

Product code: 17540
340 €*

Double-edged wedge blade, fluted brass hilt in classicist style, oval pommel cap, stag horn handle. Length 53 cm, blade length 40.5 cm. Blade cleaned stains, otherwise very good.

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Hunting Cutlery about 1840

Product code: 17527
270 €*

Knife signed “J.Heller Munich”. Two-pronged fork, riveted stag horn handles. Black leather scabbard with nickel silver fittings. Length of knife 22 cm, blade length 11.5 cm. Knife with traces of grinding, otherwise very good condition. ​

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Hunting Knife Germany about 1900

Product code: 17528
140 €*

Blade back with decorative cut, stamped “Rostfrei Solingen”. Nickel silver ferrule with oak leaf decoration, stamped “Waidmannsheil”. Iron pommel cap covered with nickel silver. Brown leather scabbard with hunting nickel silver fittings. Length 22 cm, blade length 11 cm. Blade has abrasion marks, pommel minimal dent.

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Fencing Sword Solingen mid-19th century.

Product code: 17418
240 €*

Square blade, stamped “Solingen” and trademark. Tip with a small ball, 4-fold openwork brass engraving plate, in front of which there is double leather with various inventory numbers. Spirally wrapped leather handle, brass baluster knob. Length 102 cm, blade length 83 cm. Blade patinated, very good condition.

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Schiavonesca Venetia about 1480

Product code: 14630
3.450 €*

Double-edged, double-fluted blade, with the typical northern Italian decorations in the upper third. S-shaped crossguard with rolled ends. Hemispherical curved cat head pommel. Leather-covered handle. Length 78 cm, blade length 59.5 cm. Blade with minimal staining, crossguard and pommel with pinpoint, fine pitting. Handle with later leather covering.

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Sword for Railway Officials Austria M 1891

Product code: 17500
640 €*

Flooded wedge blade. Guard leaf with winged wheel and crown. Vessel with floral decoration, ball knob. The handle in the rarer, twisted version with wire wrapping. Black leather scabbard with winged railway symbol. Length 91 cm, blade length 76 cm. Leather with slight age-related damage (no cracks, very strong), metal parts in very good condition.

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Hunting Hanger, Germany, End of 18th Century

Product code: 15505
850 €*

Single-edged wedge blade, double-edged in place, decorated with deer and pig hunting as well as trophies. Brass engraving with deer hunting, crossguard ends floral decoration. Light handle raised cut with hunter and grazing game, probably alabaster. Leaf-shaped rivet knob. Length 68 cm, blade 54.5 cm. Blade minimal staining, cleaned, otherwise very good condition.

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Student fencing set, German, 19th century

Product code: 17427
420 €*

Set consists of a helmet and drumstick sword. Epee blade with broad fluting, rounded tip. Root stamped Weyersberg and Co., Solingen. Iron basket vessel with round clasps, forged knots. Wooden handle with multi-level cord covering, leather lanyard. Pigskin covered bottom with black ink marking Wetzel, Albert. Total length 104 cm, blade length 86 cm. Patinated […]

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Court Official Sword, Germany about 1800

Product code: 17314
770 €*

Single-edged, straight blade with broad fluting, upper third blued with fire-gilt decorative etchings such as weapon trophies, crossed swords, vases. Root with etched inscription cartouches, K. & S (Kirschbaum and Schnitzler), opposite Solingen. Brass hilt with finely worked trophies, mascarons, grip bands decorated with blossom branches, with remnants of fire gilding, flooded mother-of-pearl grip plates. […]

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Hunting Hanger Germany about 1730

Product code: 14524
490 €*

Wedge blade double-edged in place, brass hilt with shell guard, crossguard moving up and down, oval baluster pommel with serrated rivet knob. Blade sharpened and polished, otherwise very good condition. Total length 71 cm, blade length 56 cm.

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Parade Sword neogothic

Product code: 16166
1.350 €*

Imposing, neo-gothic parade sword (1 1/2 hands). Strong, double-edged blade with a high center ridge. Silver-plated brass cross vessel, with long clasps, the ends with a Gothic trefoil. Gothic fish bladder motifs towards the handle. 6-edged grip, leather covered and Gothic grip frame, three diamond rivets. Hexagonal knob with a flat dome. Stitched leather scabbard […]

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Jambia, Oman 19th Century

Product code: 17253
550 €*

Strongly curved, double-edged blade with a high central ridge, signed on the back. Horn grip covered with fine, chased silver work and precise silver filigree decoration. The scabbard is also finely lined with silver, the lower area is finely braided with silver wire. Eyelet with syllable domes, back covered with green fabric. Total length 34 […]

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Pedang, South-Eastasia 19th century

Product code: 16960
190 €*

Single-edged blade with arrow mark, green, decorated horn grip, mahogany scabbard with horn belt loop and horn mouthpiece. White metal bands. Total length 40 cm, blade length 27 cm. Minimal edge damage on the horn, otherwise very good condition.

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Fire brigade dagger, German, late 19th century.

Product code: 13510
290 €*

Single-edged blade with double fluting. Blade root stamped with trademarks Weyersberg, Kirschbaum and Cie. Finely crafted and fire-gilded crossguard and pommel with fire brigade trophies. Black, polished horn grip with wire wrapping. Total length 54 cm, blade length 37.5 cm. Blade partial staining, cleaned. Otherwise very good condition with 90% preservation of the fire gilding.

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Boar Spear, Germany 18th century

Product code: 17189
480 €*

Broad, lens-shaped blade, the spout folded over and riveted. Turned oak stock, the upper area wrapped in lighter leather and nailed with wide hollow nails, including square nails. Length 190cm. Stronger signs of wear, rivets partially dented and torn, otherwise good condition.

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Gold inlaid Shamshir, Ottoman Empire about 1800

Product code: 16855
2.700 €*

Heavily curved Wootz Damascus blade, single-edged. The vessel with double clasps, the guards with acorns. Gold inlaid with foliage, as well as the middle band in the same gold decoration. Rhinoceros horn handle scales with two different gold-plated rosettes. The pommel arch is carved with identical leaves, as is the gold decoration. Scabbard with steel […]

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Long knife Afghanistan Mid of 19th Century

Product code: 15736
580 €*

Wide, single-edged fuller, richly decorated on both sides with floral gold and silver inlays over half the length. Solid silver ferrule with openwork ornaments. Riveted horn grips. Blade length 46 cm, total length 61.5 cm. Condition: there are defects in the front area of the precious metal inlays, as well as on the back of […]

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Hunting Sword Germany about 1780

Product code: 15478
530 €*

Wide fullered blade, double-edged in place. Iron Cross Vessel. Deer handle, pommel and ferrule oval with remains of bluing. Length 75.6 cm, blade length 60 cm. Etched ownership mark on blade removed. Tip with a small flaw, otherwise very good condition.

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Long Hunting Hanger Germany End of 18th Century

Product code: 15480
500 €*

Strong wedge blade, shell-shaped brass shell, crosspiece with cut ends. Grooved, faceted ebony grip, shell pommel. Length 77 cm, blade length 61 cm. Blade minimal partial spotting, otherwise very good condition.

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Hunting Hanger about 1900

Product code: 15483
420 €*

Flat blade double-edged in point, floral etchings. Root etched Hindenburg in inscription cartouche, guard plate with deer head and hunting trophies, crosspiece with oak leaf decoration. Rivet button worked as a boar’s head. staghorn handle. Length 73.6 cm, blade length 59 cm. This is probably a souvenir hunting hanger from Hindenburg at the end of […]

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Old sharpening iron, German around 1800

Product code: 169517
60 €*

Oval cross-section with applied brass application, handle with hanger. Length 35cm.

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Sword in Saxon form about 1760

Product code: 16936
740 €*

Blade with a wide groove, root and upper area etched with weapon trophies and floral decoration. Brass hilt with a faceted spherical pommel. Fine bronze wire winding with Turk’s cuffs. Heart-shaped guard plate in the shape of a Saxon with an attached rain protection cuff. Length 90 cm, blade length 73 cm. Partially cleaned rust […]

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Pedang, Indonesia probably Sumatra, 19th Cent.

Product code: 16961
170 €*

Single-edged back blade that widens towards the front, long horn ferrule. Finely grained precious wood pommel. Scabbard with reinforced and decorated mouthpiece, braided retaining straps. Length 52cm. The front plaited straps are missing, otherwise in very good condition.

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Kris, Indonesia probably Bali, 19th Cent.

Product code: 16955
280 €*

Flamed, marbled turf blade, root ornamental cut. Handle with a finely carved Garuda head made of precious wood. Scabbard made of finely grained precious wood. Length 42 cm, blade length 34 cm. Blade with signs of corrosion and original patina.

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Phurbu-Ritual Dagger, Tibet, 19th Cent.

Product code: 16894
380 €*

Steel blade made of three leaves joined with copper brazing alloy and inserted into the head of the mythical sea monster Makar, in whose mouth the blade sits. Handle made of opposing lotus blossoms, pommel made of three different alloys (bronze, brass, silver) of the head of the god VAJRAKILA. The faces with skull crowns. […]

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