Edged Weapons, civilian

Hunting Hanger, Germany about 1730

Product code: 14523
390 €*

Wedge-shaped blade with broad fluting, narrow fluting on the back of the blade, double-edged in the spot, the root etched with hunting scenes, the fluting with remains of floral etching. Brass guard plate with a reclining Diana framed by arabesques and foliage. The handle with a jumping boar, snake headband with garland decoration. The pommel […]

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Baroque Hunting folding Fork about 1700

Product code: 1695112
220 €*

Two-pronged fork with spiral decoration, folds away. Spring bar with fine iron cut. Riveted grip scales with mother-of-pearl plates and applied silver decorations, hunting scenes, acanthus, foliage… Length unfolded 15 cm. The rear right half of the grip has a minor restoration, otherwise in very good, working condition.

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Gothic Estoc Dagger

Product code: 16895
670 €*

Strong, symmetrical blade with a high central ridge, root with continuous fuller, octagonal discs with silver bars in between in Gothic style. Grip with gristle. The disc pommel is identical to the guard. Black leather scabbard with decorated silver fittings, the chape with a plastic acorn in silver. Length 49.0 cm, blade length 32.5 cm. […]

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Hunting Sword Germany about 1780

Product code: 15478
530 €*

Wide fullered blade, double-edged in place. Iron Cross Vessel. Deer handle, pommel and ferrule oval with remains of bluing. Length 75.6 cm, blade length 60 cm. Etched ownership mark on blade removed. Tip with a small flaw, otherwise very good condition.

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Long Hunting Hanger Germany End of 18th Century

Product code: 15480
500 €*

Strong wedge blade, shell-shaped brass shell, crosspiece with cut ends. Grooved, faceted ebony grip, shell pommel. Length 77 cm, blade length 61 cm. Blade minimal partial spotting, otherwise very good condition.

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Hunting Hanger about 1900

Product code: 15483
420 €*

Flat blade double-edged in point, floral etchings. Root etched Hindenburg in inscription cartouche, guard plate with deer head and hunting trophies, crosspiece with oak leaf decoration. Rivet button worked as a boar’s head. staghorn handle. Length 73.6 cm, blade length 59 cm. This is probably a souvenir hunting hanger from Hindenburg at the end of […]

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Decorated dagger blade

Product code: 159516
20 €*


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Old sharpening iron, German around 1800

Product code: 169517
60 €*

Oval cross-section with applied brass application, handle with hanger. Length 35cm.

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Sword in Saxon form about 1760

Product code: 16936
740 €*

Blade with a wide groove, root and upper area etched with weapon trophies and floral decoration. Brass hilt with a faceted spherical pommel. Fine bronze wire winding with Turk’s cuffs. Heart-shaped guard plate in the shape of a Saxon with an attached rain protection cuff. Length 90 cm, blade length 73 cm. Partially cleaned rust […]

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Pedang, Indonesia probably Sumatra, 19th Cent.

Product code: 16961
170 €*

Single-edged back blade that widens towards the front, long horn ferrule. Finely grained precious wood pommel. Scabbard with reinforced and decorated mouthpiece, braided retaining straps. Length 52cm. The front plaited straps are missing, otherwise in very good condition.

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Kris, Indonesia probably Bali, 19th Cent.

Product code: 16955
280 €*

Flamed, marbled turf blade, root ornamental cut. Handle with a finely carved Garuda head made of precious wood. Scabbard made of finely grained precious wood. Length 42 cm, blade length 34 cm. Blade with signs of corrosion and original patina.

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Phurbu-Ritual Dagger, Tibet, 19th Cent.

Product code: 16894
380 €*

Steel blade made of three leaves joined with copper brazing alloy and inserted into the head of the mythical sea monster Makar, in whose mouth the blade sits. Handle made of opposing lotus blossoms, pommel made of three different alloys (bronze, brass, silver) of the head of the god VAJRAKILA. The faces with skull crowns. […]

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German Othello dagger around 1900

Product code: 16666
70 €*

Wedge blade with trademark Othello Solingen. Handle with ball and claw. Black leather scubbard. Length 23.5 cm. Blade with scattered rust scars, otherwise good condition.

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Dagger Kandschar India 19th Century

Product code: 11924
290 €*

Curved, double-edged damask blade with a fine damask structure, the roots inlaid with silver threads. Iron grip with horse head pommel and fine silver wire inlays. Medallion with signatures. Total length 39 cm, blade length 24.5 cm. Blade with scattered rust pits in the root area, as well as on the handle. Otherwise good condition.

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Early Puma Hunting Knife

Product code: 16537
150 €*

Wedge blade inscribed with Puma Solingen, trademark and handcraft. Opposite side etched with fire-breathing dragon. Staghorn grip panels with three new silver stud rivets. Black leather scabbard with profiled mouth and chape made of nickel silver, owner identification. Length 24 cm, blade length 11.6 cm. Blade patinated, no rust scars, otherwise very good condition.

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Tulwar India Beginning 19th Century

Product code: 16313
250 €*

Wedge blade with narrow fluting and line engravings. All-steel hilt with oval and heart-shaped silver inlays, engraved plate knob, rosette. Length 89 cm. Blade partially cleaned rust spots, handle somewhat patinated.

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Kindjal Caucasus End of 19. Century

Product code: 15968
780 €*

Blade with 4-fold flooding, finely engraved silver cuff, niello inlays, two rivets. Black horn grip panels. Silver fittings with fine floral forging and engravings as well as black niello inlays. Pointed ball end. Chape on the reverse various monograms and probably later dates 1910/25/10. Length 43 cm.

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Kindjal, Ende 19. Jh.

Product code: 15672
480 €*

Double-edged simple blade. Silver handle with niello inlays and two high niello decorated dome rivets. Scabbard with eyelet and ball end. Filigree wire decoration and fine niello inlays. Total length 37 cm. Very good condition

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Hunting Hanger about 1810, ca. 1810

Product code: 14969
390 €*

Broad single-edged blade double-edged in point. Butt plate with profiled overlay, angular cross-guard. Profiled and silvered frame. Horn grip panels with silver-plated rivets. Length 73 cm. Blade slightly spotty and slightly jagged. Horn grip scales somewhat cracked with age. Silver plating partially worn. This piece is shown and described in detail in the book “Hirschfänger” […]

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Tulwar India, um 1850

Product code: 14458
150 €*

Single-edged saber blade, iron vessel with long clasps. Handle bar with rolled-up animal head end, disc knob with star rosette. Length 87 cm. Cleaned rust spots.

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Long Knife Afghanistan, um 1850

Product code: 12437
260 €*

Wedge blade with back bridge. Blade root silver and gold tausia. Engraved brass handle clamp, horn handle scales. Chagrin leather scubbard with engraved and openwork mouthpiece. Steel cuff with ring. Length 50.5 cm. Mouth plate with dents, blade minimal staining, otherwise in good condition.

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Long Knife Afghanistan

Product code: 12436
320 €*

Wedge blade with a wide back bridge. Iron grip clamp with decorative filing, grained horn grip scales. Chagrin leather scubbard with an iron mouthpiece, iron-cut tip. Iron cuff with ring. Length 72 cm. Patinated iron parts, otherwise very good condition.

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Standhauer Germany ca. 1820, ca. 1820

Product code: 14970
380 €*

Single-edged blade with a very wide back. Struck opposite side with forged mark WALIM and H. Octagonal quillons with a shell-shaped iron cut. Deer horn grips with three iron rivets. Length 41.5 cm. Handle scales with a small, about 3 cm long, old hairline crack. Otherwise very good condition. This deer catcher is shown in […]

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Dagger, Germany, Style Mid. 16th cent.

Product code: 13950
960 €*

Double-edged blade, S-shaped quillons with catch ring, octagonal pommel, iron wire winding. Length 36.5 cm. It comes from an old Berlin collection and was purchased in 1932 for 25 RM. Knob and winding are probably additions from the 19th century. The blade shows a few old forged structures

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Sponton Tip, 18. Jh.

Product code: 14488
220 €*

Broad leaf, hook with a little ornamental cut, small conical spout. Length 15 cm. Cleaned rust pittings, one tip of a hook missing, spout old, but later supplemented. Interesting piece for the collector of miniature weapons. Provenance: old Berlin collection.

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Long Knife, Mitte 19. Jh.

Product code: 14843
70 €*

Unusually long wedge blade with brass inlays. Handle with notch decor and bird’s head stylized pommel. Length 84 cm.

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Carving, 1930er Jahre

Product code: 14834
220 €*

Single-edged blade stamped Henley & Son Solingen. Ivory handle with plastically cut seal. On the back label “Original Eskimo work”. Matching 2-pronged meat fork with serving pliers and sharpening steel in the same decor. Length of knife 30 cm.

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Hunting Cutlery, Ende 19. Jh.

Product code: 14835
860 €*

Saber-shaped wedge blade stamped Anton Wingen Jr. Solingen, baluster-like silver ferrule. Deer horn grip carved with fleeing deer pair, knob vollplastisch carved with dog’s head. Meat fork with spring-loaded holder, handle design suitable for the knife. According to information this cutlery comes from a Bavarian castle. On cardboard on the back Trader’s stamp from Pilsen.

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Dagger, 1943

Product code: 14827
440 €*

Wedge blade with notched back and deep mark Juca Argentina. Handle in silver floral chased with hitten gold sheet. Massive silver scubbard in the same decor. Length 32.5 cm.

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Letter Opener, 1914

Product code: 13957
170 €*

Dagger-style letter opener. Double-edged copper blade signed Willenberg 30.8.1914 (East Prussia). S-shaped quillons with copper inserts, bird’s head knob. Riveted grenade handles with guide grooves. Length 26.5 cm. Very good condition with original patina.

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