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Smoke Set End of 19th Century

Product code: 16858
110 €*

Antler rod with a brass frame, a glass ashtray in the middle, the glass bottom of which is decorated with hunting enamel painting. Framed by cigar cutter, shelves and holder for matches. Dimensions 32 x 26 cm.

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Art Nouveau Gallee Nancy

Product code: 16009
980 €*

Overlaid glass etched, cut and polished, surrounding landscape decoration with trees in yellow and brown tones. Signature gall. Height 20 cm. Without damage.

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Jacobs pot, 15. Jh.

Product code: 14300
280 €*

body lobe-shaped, slender vessel on wide shaft step. Gray-yellow glazed earthenware. Height 25 cm. Provenance: Dr.Quincke Altena

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Cylinder neck jar, 15. Jh.

Product code: 14299
330 €*

Bellied vessel body with grooved decoration on wide shaft step. Neck with fine turning grooves decor, smooth edge. Height 16 cm. Very good condition. Provenance: Köpper, Cologne.

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Cup, 13. Jh.

Product code: 14298
390 €*

Globular, downward tapering vessel belly footprint with shaft step. After close up expectant rotation grooves, belly pressed at one point. Early stoneware, dark gray body. Height 14 cm. Good condition (s Decorative Arts Museum, Cologne, Nr.E1945 / 1949th) Provenance: Köpper, Cologne.

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Cup, um 1500

Product code: 14303
120 €*

Stoneware with mottled glazed surface, height 10 cm, diameter 6 cm. Upper lip edge minimally bumped, otherwise very good condition. Provenance: Old Rhenish collection.

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Pitcher, um 1600

Product code: 14301
320 €*

Globular jar belly, raised edge with two profile rings, grooved feet. Gray-yellow shards, speckled salt glaze. On the neck inside smaller, non-continuous firing crack, otherwise very good condition. Height 15 cm. Provenance: Old Rhenish collection

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