Crossbows & Bows

Crossbow probably Saxonia Mid of 17th Century

Product code: 17193
4.400 €*

Strong steel bow with original binding, gilded. Braided hemp string probably renewed later, original red and green wool trim, iron key lock. Trigger with finely adjustable trigger, brass bolt holder with edge engraving and riveted rear sight. Dark walnut column with engraved bone inlays, coat of arms engraved with No. 3. Deeply arched thumb rest, […]

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Stone Bow Germany 1600/1750

Product code: 15889
3.900 €*

Body of an old German stone bow from around 1600 consisting of a bow, column, tensioner and trigger unit. Around 1750 this received a bolt guide with a laterally adjustable rear sight and a height-adjustable front sight. The shaft was carved in the finest manner and exchanged for the old one. The steel parts received […]

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Crossbow, um 1800

Product code: 12147
1.850 €*

Column made of grained walnut wood with light fruit wood core and fruit wood underside, side surfaces decorated with brass inlays. Bow with probably original string. Brass pin holder, hair trigger, fingered trigger guard. Adjustable shoulder stop in length. Brass bolt for mounting the tension fork. Length 135 cm, span of the bow 69 cm. […]

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Crossbow Bolts for practise purpose, um 1800

Product code: 11199
60 €*

4 pieces bolts made entirely of wood. Very good original condition. Length 28 cm.

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