Flintlock & Percussion Guns, civilian

Percussionpistol, England

Product code: 16877
220 €*

Concentric barrel, system box with floral engraving, trigger with trigger guard, central hammer, system box and barrel with proof marks from Birmingham, walnut stock. Total length 37 cm. Surface with thin patina, no rust, very good function with tight spring.

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Moukhala Gun, Marokko Middle of 19th century

Product code: 17182
400 €*

Octagonal barrel merging into round, barrel bands with punched decoration, early lock with snap-action hammer. Function and pan similar to a wheellock rifle, engraved with the remains of silver inlays. Fully shopped with camel leg insoles, iron rivets. Stock end solid leg. Length 143cm. Heavily used condition, the lower side in the lock area is […]

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Flintlock Pocketpistol England about 1800

Product code: 16876
390 €*

Unscrewable concentric barrel with key cam (seated tight). Slightly engraved steel box with classicist pattern, opposite side signed Clark. Spring-loaded battery and slide safety. Oval proof marks. walnut stock. Total length 18 cm, surface patinated with partially fine, cleaned rust spots. Length 18cm. Very good function with tight spring.

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Flintlock Pistol, Germany about 1700

Product code: 17198
1.650 €*

Conical, curved barrel, facetted chamber and rear sight, lenticular front sight, breech plug with V rear sight. Underside of barrel deeply stamped with master’s mark “T” and eagle mark. Banana-shaped lock plate with iron-cut edge. Side plate with fine, floral iron carving. Iron fittings also cut, walnut stock. Ramrod made from rolled sheet metal with […]

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Percussion Pistol Replica Pedersoli Lepage

Product code: 16972
590 €*

Octagonal, deep-drawn smooth barrel with adjustable steel rear sight, height-adjustable front sight, engraved breech plug. Engraved lock and engraved steel fittings, finely adjustable trigger, checkered walnut stock. Total length 40 cm, barrel length 22.5 cm. Very good, almost new condition.

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Percussion Pistol, probably France about 1790/1840

Product code: 17138
880 €*

Damascus barrel, 8-edged chamber, merging into round over several balusters. Iron front sight, breech plug engraved. Curved lock plate with edge stitch engraving. Iron fittings engraved with weapon trophies and floral decoration. Walnut stock with raised comb and baroque carvings, original iron ramrod. Length 33cm. Metal parts with thin age patina, otherwise very good condition […]

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Percussion Pocketpistol, England 1850

Product code: 17137
330 €*

Unscrewable round barrel with key cam, proof mark Birmingham. Engraved sides signed with inscription cartouche: C. Hampton, Chichester. Central hammer, trigger guard, grained walnut grip, overall length 16 cm. Very good condition and function. The barrel is screwable, sits loosely.

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Pair Officer`s Percussionspistols Lepage Paris about 1800/1840

Product code: 16868
4300 €*

Octagonal, curved barrel, blued, detachable, with rear sight and fixed front sight. Breech plug lightly engraved, muzzle ring gold-plated. Signed Lepage a Paris, tang with deeply embossed silver Fleur de Lille mark. Lock plate signed Lepage, brand above it, light floral engravings. Slightly decorated steel fittings, original ramrod. Finely grained walnut stock with checkering and […]

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Flintlock Pocketpistol England about 1750

Product code: 17128
490 €*

Round, detachable cannon barrel with key nock, English proof, crossed swords with crown, system engraved with arabesques, in font cartouche T. Archer, London. Walnut grip with remnants of old silver wire inlay. Metal parts partially spotted, most of the silver wires have fallen out, otherwise very good function, strong spring. The barrel is screwable.

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Percussionspistol, Italy, Replica

Product code: 17002
260 €*

Octagonal barrel with inserted front sight and rear sight, detachable barrel with rib and ramrod. Case-hardened lock, piston socket with cleaning screw, brass fittings. Grained walnut stock, length 35 cm. Very good, almost new condition, very good function.

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Flintlockpistol C.S.Wien about 1780

Product code: 16996
1.550 €*

Octagonal over baluster to round merging barrel, rear sight, signed Wienn. Sparse silver decoration. Lock plate with hunting scenes and floral engravings. Baroque brass fittings. Knob and end boned, walnut stock. Inside of the lock engraved master’s marks C. S. . Length 35cm. Surface with old, stained patina, very good lock function.

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Military Jaeger Rifle Baden M 1843 Custom Made

Product code: 16866
2.670 €*

Heavy browned octagonal barrel, detachable. Mounted quadrant sight and tunnel front sight, piston socket with cleaning screw. Spotless barrel bore with six broad, sharp grooves. Case hardened lock signed Königl.Würt.Fabrik. High-quality lock mechanism with fly, stamped Roller 80 on the inside. Finely adjustable German set trigger. Brass fittings, hinged patch box with spare piston. Solid […]

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Flintlock Tromblon Ottoman Empire around 1800

Product code: 16995
2.350 €*

Tromblon barrel with very fine iron engraving in the rear area – crossed cannons, flowers and foliage, punched ground. Baluster muzzle decorated with toothed ring, upper side of beam with central heart. Lock fully engraved with arabesques, as well as the brass fittings. Fully carved walnut stock with checkering. Length 43cm. In the barrel handwritten […]

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Percussionpistol W. Bond London 1790/1840

Product code: 13502
840 €*

Conical concentric barrel, chamber with flats, London acceptance marks on the underside. Finely engraved tang, silver front sight. Was converted from flintlock to percussion ignition around 1840. Lock plate signed W.Bond, engraved with sunbeams, safety slide. Finely engraved, blued steel fittings. Checkered walnut stock with a silver monogram plate in the pommel, hinged ramrod. Length […]

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Air Gun Wallis in Hull ca. 1750

Product code: 16058
3.350 €*

Slim octagonal barrel with silver rear sight over baluster and pearl ring merging to round, silver front sight. Finely engraved tang with English flag symbol, flat lock plate signed Wallis, channeled edges. Strong hammer with a finely carved ironwork and high, dome-like screw. French trigger. Steel fittings finely engraved with flowers and musical instruments. Grained […]

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Flintlockpistol Balkans about 1780

Product code: 16994
670 €*

Barrel octagonal to round, gunsmith’s signature. Rounded lock plate also signed. Florally engraved brass fittings, side plate pierced and engraved. Carved walnut stock, silver pierced escutcheon. Length 42cm. Cleaned rust spots on the barrel in the chamber area and on the lock plate. Front barrel attachment renewed. Very good function.

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Doublebarrel Percussion Pistol Paufile Paris 1730/1840

Product code: 12862
790 €*

Conical barrels, rib signed Paufile a Paris in gold, weapon trophies inlaid in gold, silver lens front sight. Locks engraved with baroque shell and roccali decoration as well as gunsmith’s signature, converted to percussion ignition. Fittings engraved in the same style, trigger guard with iron-cut mascaron. Walnut stock carved with ribbons, tassels and shells, sparse […]

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Heavy Flintlock Rifle, Eichstett 1740

Product code: 15680
5.400 €*

Heavy, curved octagonal barrel signed Joseph Gabriel Hassl Eichstett, seven deep grooves. Decorated, sliding rear sight, dovetail front sight. Arched lock with rainproof pan and iron-cut roccali, gilded base, finely adjustable trigger. Openwork, engraved brass lock plate with key screws. Raised cut, pierced brass fittings. Walnut stock with floral carvings, horn end and flat surface […]

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Flintlock Rifle appr. South Europe about 1790

Product code: 15674
1.100 €*

Octagonal damask barrel curved to the muzzle with rear sight, front sight. 4-leaf clover marks and maker’s mark deeply struck in brass. Lock plate stamped deeply with I. Rainproof pan. Engraver converted to direct trigger. Brass fittings with classical line decoration, walnut stock with cheek piece and floral carving highlighted in color. Implied ramrod, bright […]

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Percussion Pistol Chronicka Carlsruh

Product code: 16672
1.500 €*

Octagonal barrel with rear sight over baluster merging to round, brass front sight. Adapted percussion ignition, piston protection. Signed Chronicka a. Carlsruh. Baroque brass fittings, finely engraved. Pommel with a mascaron face. Walnut stock with floral carving, horn finish. Original ramrod. Length 42 cm. Very good condition with old bluing / browning, very good function.

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Percussionspistol app. Swiss

Product code: 16555
900 €*

Octagonal barrel extending over a baluster, silver grain with hump. Signed I.A.I.Winter. Formerly flintlock adapted to percussion. Slightly floral engraved lock plate, front lock facet engraved I.A.I. Winter. Steel fittings and pommel with floral engravings and iron cuts, hallmarked ground. Walnut stock with light floral carving, horn cap. Length 33 cm. Very good condition and […]

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Pair of Flintlockpistols France about 1790

Product code: 15664
2.400 €*

Octagonal barrel over balusters to round, silver grain, remnants of floral engravings. French proof marks on the side of the breech. Flintlock with light iron carving decorations, profiled iron fittings, oval decorated thumb plate made of silver, walnut stock carved with flowers. Length 33 cm. Except for the faint barrel engraving, very good condition and […]

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Doublebarrel Corsair Percussionpistol

Product code: 15915
190 €*

Rifled round barrels, Italian proof marks. Finely engraved and color hardened rear locks, engraved brass fittings, walnut stock. Length 34 cm. Almost new condition, very good function.

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Percussionrevolver R. Jones Liverpool in Case

Product code: 15856
1.900 €*

5-inch octagonal barrel with three grooves, underside with proof mark. Long loading lever on the side. 5-part drum. Barrel signed R. Jones Liverpool. Hammer with safety, frame with acanthus engravings, double-action trigger. Walnut grip scales with sharp checkering. Length 27 cm. Bluing almost completely preserved. Robert Jones mentions 1826-1870, Stöckel Bd.1 p. 597. In the […]

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English Military Gun for a boy W.S. Perry, ca. 1865, London, ca. 1865

Product code: 15962
650 €*

Round barrel with octagonal raised chamber, engraved acanthus. Lock plate acanthus engraved and signed W.S. Perry. Finely engraved brass fittings. Walnut stock with checkering. Length 77 cm. Minimal dents in the front area. Chamber, breech plug and lock plate rust spots. Piston neck devious, otherwise good condition. W. Perry worked in London from 1864-1866.

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Lefaucheux Revolver Liege about 1870, ca. 1870

Product code: 12707
720 €*

Octagonal chamber with floral engraving. Floral and engraved drum and frame. Folding trigger. Checkering handles. Frame stamped VC for Victor Colette. Serial number 52. Length 19 cm. Very good condition with a lot of original blue.

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Pair Luxury Pinfire Pistols Barella, Berlin, ca. 1865

Product code: 15175
5.600 €*

Octagonal, flooded barrels, chamber inlaid with gold “cast steel barrel” with gold bands. Silver grain, engraved breech plug with square for height adjustment of the visor. Inlaid in gold on the rib “H.Barella Königl.: Hofbüchsenmacher Berlin”. Deeply engraved, fine acanthus engraving with floral gold inlays, archer and rider with pimple hood. Ebony stock carved with […]

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Long Miqueletlock Rifle Ottoman Empire about 1800, um 1800

Product code: 15528
1.100 €*

Octagonal conical barrel with brass rear sight, smith’s mark and 64 stamped. High quality Miquelet lock, cock with floral silver and brass inlays. Rotary toggle with finger hook, floral iron-cut pan. Lock plate brass inlays, floral cut. Dogcatch faucet safety device. Brass fittings, ball trigger, ebonized stock with brass races. Length 163 cm. Rust stained […]

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Percussion Rifle Switzerland, ca.1840

Product code: 12842
640 €*

Octagonal on round changing damascus barrel with butterfly rearsight, smooth with minimal stains, sharp muzzle cone. Back lock signed P.Müller in Chur. Slightly floral engraved iron fittings, walnut stock with checkering. Original ramrod. Length 135 cm. Paul Müller in Chur is mentioned in 1850, see Hugo Schneider “Schweizer Waffenschmiede” p. 194. Barrel outside minimal staining […]

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Percussion Doublebarrel Shotgun Manton London, 1800/1840

Product code: 15504
1.850 €*

Fine Damascus barrels in gold inlaid Manton London, patent breech plug with gold lines finely engraved. Barrel button London Gunmakers Proof and View each with crown. Serial number 3286. Colour cased hardened locks engraved with Manton, pistons secured on rollers using the original battery springs. Engraved hammers. Trigger guard engraved with pheasants on trees, pineapple […]

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