Flintlock & Percussion Guns, military

Flintlock dragoon rifle M1777/AN9

Product code: 15157
1.650 €*

Conical round barrel with faint acceptance stamps, flat lock plate signed Mre Imp.ale de Mutzig, brass pan. Steel fittings, double center ring, brass trigger guard with French acceptances. Walnut stock with deep branding 37L2. This model is the original Fusil de Dragon M 1777 corrigé an 9. It was probably put together as a captured […]

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Sharp Shooters Gun Hessian Mod. a.n. 1845 Sample Model

Product code: 13715
5.400 €*

Conical round barrel with octagonal chamber, inserted sights with a fixed and an additional rear sight. Bright with four deep, sharp grooves, brownish-blue burnished surface. Case hardened, flat lock plate signed Greiss Frankfurt. Foldable, spring-loaded piston safety . Hammer in typical Württemberg form. Trigger with finely adjustable French set trigger. Trigger guard, center ring and […]

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Flintlock Gun France M 1777

Product code: 15160
1.650 €*

Octagonal breech, on a rounded barrel. Breech stamped B 1814. Slid-on brass front ring. Lock signed Manuf.Roy de St.Etienne. Usual brass fittings with approvals. Walnut stock with cheek, stamped PLOTOI. Round barrel stamp with French marks. The infantry rifle was shortened, the races removed, the ring spring slots bulged out and a ramrod guide attached. […]

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Flintlockrifle France M 1777

Product code: 15987
1850 €*

Conical round barrel, breech plug signed M 1777. Chamber stamped with HY13. Lock stamped G13 and crown as well as Liege Manufre Imp.le. Brass powder pan, steel fittings with French L and crown. Front ring with brass lens bead. Length 137 cm. The inside of the barrel is matt with slight staining, the barrel has […]

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Austrian Flintlock Military Pistol, um 1720

Product code: 13550
1.650 €*

Conical octagonal barrel, rib signed iZ, with balusters on round turning. Flat flintlock, brass fittings. Side plate designed as a dragon. Barrel with Suhler hen with N and deep forged stamps IMF. Mounts with low master marks. Smooth, uncleaned hole. Length 42 cm. It could be a rare Austrian pistol, which was introduced before model […]

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