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Pair of Percussion Pistols Bruneel a Lyon 1830

Product code: 13735
3.200 €*

Octagonal, browned Damascus barrels, detachable, rear sight and silver front sight, deeply stamped with palm frond proof mark on the side and 30 (1830). Underside stamped Berton (barrel blacksmith), breech plug stamped BB. Fine, unhookable, colorfully hardened locks signed Bruneel a Lyon, stamped P. Engraved with floral tendrils. Fittings engraved with foliage, a floating or […]

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US-Saber, Infantry Officer M 1902

Product code: 17550
140 €*

Blade flooded with fine decorative etching, US in the middle, eagle on the opposite side. Root with test stamp and Toledo. Nickel-plated clasp hilt, black bakelite handle. Nickel-plated scabbard with two carrying loops. Length 90 cm, blade length 75 cm. Almost new condition. Manufactured in the mid-20th century.

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US-Navy Saber, Mid of 20th century

Product code: 17551
170 €*

Straight sword blade, flooded. Floral decorative etching with writing cartouche “U.S.N.” National coat of arms and naval symbols. Root with Toledo trademark. Gold-plated, pierced handle. Wrapped, white fish skin imitation  handle. Black leather scabbard with cord-like fittings for carrying loops. Length 96 cm, blade length 82 cm. Gilding partially rubbed, otherwise very good condition.

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Sword of a Policeman Colombia Mid of 20th Century

Product code: 17553
260 €*

Double fluted wedge blade, deeply etched “Republica de Colombia” opposite “Policia Nacional” and national coat of arms. Root deeply stamped “Carl Eickhorn Solingen” and trademark. Gilt bow hilt, guard with enameled national coat of arms. Black checkering and brass wire wrapping. Nickel-plated steel scabbard with a carrying ring. Length 89 cm, blade length 77 cm. […]

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Riding Crop about 1900

Product code: 15044
150 €*

Forged head with small hatchet blade and hammer head, nickel-plated. Shaft made of natural branch, polished. Ring-shaped leather carrying strap. Length 74cm. Edges of the head rubbed, otherwise very good condition. It comes from the hunting estate of a Württemberg adjutant general.

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Ceremonial Sword of the Tikar chiefs, Grassland, Cameroon 19th century

Product code: 10617
290 €*

Grooved forged blade, widened in place and ending in a crescent shape, wooden handle with wire wrapping. Wooden scabbard, covered with snakeskin, carrying loops wrapped with basket weave on both sides. The upper end of the scabbard is lined with fabric beads and decorated with cowrie shells. Length 58 cm, blade length 46 cm. Snakeskin […]

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Perkussion Gun Zurschenthaller in Passau 1780/1840

Product code: 15662
1.100 €*

Octagonal over baluster and pearl band on round, browned barrel, fine floral silver inlay, inlaid in the middle Dominicus Zurschenthaller in Passau. Breech plug engraved, silver spider front sight. Modified percussion lock, baroque sawn brass fittings, grained walnut stock with baroque carvings and checkering, cheekpiece with a seated deer in a forest landscape. Silver thumbplate […]

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Perkussion Gun Germany about 1830

Product code: 17545
390 €*

Octagonal, curved barrel, silver front sight. Lock with acanthus engravings and flying game birds, wooden trigger guard with carved finger rest. Walnut stock with checkering and cheek piece, light decorative carving. Sling swivel, original ramrod. Length 120 cm, barrel length 83 cm. Barrel with rust spots on the inside, very good lock function with strong […]

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Collection of Shooting Targets

Product code: 17546
80 €*

Six old shooting targets from around 1900. Diameter 17 cm, back marked with name in old German script. Color lithographs on cardboard. Beautiful collection to decorate a collection or hunting room.

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Shooting Target Germany 1933

Product code: 17547
130 €*

Wooden disc with oil painting signed Krevar 33 (1933). The city skyline of Riva (Reiff) is shown. Marked with the names of the shooters on the back and dated. Diameter 26 cm, very good condition. ​

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Bayonet France M 1886 Lebel

Product code: 17557
70 €*

Quadruple fluted blade, steel guard with spring-loaded pusher, French handles, brass handle. Length 63.5 cm, blade length 52 cm. Very good condition.

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Gold-touched Parade Ax, Persia, early 19th century

Product code: 17554
950 €*

Scabbard with floral ironcut, the edges inlaid in gold. Tip with silver inlays, spout with iron cut, opposite side with monster inlaid in silver. The upper third of the round shaft is made of damask, then extended twice, ending with a fluted pommel. Length 125cm. Very good condition.

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Longbow 19th century

Product code: 10696
300 €*

Two-part hardwood arch made of reddish wood, semicircular cross section. Handle made of forged iron with a roughened surface, brass ferrules. Due to its length, the bow can be dismantled. Length 188cm. Very good, break-free condition.

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Extra Bayonet Prussia M 71/84

Product code: 17555
180 €*

Nickel-plated blade with rectangular flooding, nickel-plated steel fittings, strong pusher. Screwed walnut handles. Black leather scabbard with nickel-plated fittings. Length 38.5 cm, blade length 25.6 cm. Back of blade with chipping, otherwise very good condition.

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Bayonet Prussia SG U/M

Product code: 16418
320 €*

Wide wedge blade, back stamped FW with crown 68 (issue 1868) and Prussian acceptance marks. Ricasso stamped V.Jung.Suhl. Guard stamped 68 as well as stamped out regimental designation, overstamped 3rd R. and 68. Stitched leather scabbard with Prussian markings and regimental designation 3R. Length 56.3 cm, blade length 43.3 cm. Blade with minimal staining, small […]

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Flintlock Pistol Germany about 1740

Product code: 13281
1.600 €*

Barrel with octagonal chamber over 16-sided and baluster transitioning to round, muzzle curved. Wide lens front sight, rear sight, breech plug stamped 1. Round lock plate with wave surround. Finely adjustable trigger. Brass fittings with the same decor. High pommel fluted and engraved with arabesques. Grained walnut stock with baroque carving, horn end. Length 40 […]

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