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Helmet, Historismus

Product code: 14565
1950 €*

Richly decorated coat helmet in the style of the Renaissance. Dome with high comb. 2-part visor with opening lever, pawl, collar. It is completely adorned with ancient battle scenes, weapon trophies and river gods. Iron art casting, which was elaborately worked out. Such helmets are documents of rare originals. Height 31 cm. Kinnreff on the […]

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Percussion Pistol, 1850

Product code: 11021
320 €*

Unhookable, octagonal rose damascus barrel with adjustable rear sight. Lock and iron fittings floral engraved, trigger guard with finger hook. Fluted stock with carvings. Length 43 cm. Some wear otherwise good function.

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Luxury Doublebarrel Shotgun, ca. 1870

Product code: 14592
1.900 €*

Rose damask barrels with silver inlays in the chamber area, signed Damasco fino. Locks, system and fittings in the finest arabesque engraving, in gold framed cartouche escaping deer, signed in gold Santos Casa do Claudio. Length 115 cm. In fine mahogany box with rich accessories (cleaning rod and brushes missing) and loading utensils. Barrels inside […]

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Lantaka, um 1800

Product code: 15256
1.350 €*

Ship’s gun Southeast Asia. Cannon barrel bronze casting with fine decoration, foresight. Chamber with raised floral decoration, conical, hollow handle with ornamental bulges. Touch hole with laterally elevated ridges, extension designed as a lizard. Delphi handel. Swiveling fork for attaching. Length 81 cm. Weight 13.7 kg. By resting on the railing is at the bottom […]

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Percussion Short Gun Georg Reck, prob. Suhl, 1773, 1773

Product code: 14990
1150 €*

Octagonal barrel signed Georg Reck.B.IR 1773. Bright barrel with seven, sharp, deep strokes. Adjustable folding rear sight with decoration, brass foresight. Brass fittings with decorative lines, piston cap with baroque brass insert, finely adjustable German needle trigger. Carved nut tree stock with roccale and wind rose in leg and ebony. Paving slipcase with wind rose. […]

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Perkussionspistole, 1850

Product code: 11021
320 €*

Aushakbarer, achtkantiger Rosendamastlauf mit verstellbarer Kimme. Schloss und Eisenbeschläge floral graviert, Abzugsbügel mit Fingerhaken. Kannelierter Schaft mit Schnitzereien.  Länge 43 cm. Abnutzungserscheinungen, gute Funktion.

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Zischaegge South German about 1600, um 1600

Product code: 12311
1.350 €*

One-piece beaten 6-ribbed bell with beaded eye shield, central round disc and eyelet. Front edge of the proof house mark  M. Height-adjustable nose iron, 4-part pushed neck, inside original leather lining, cheek flaps with rosette-shaped ear holes. Height 28 cm. Very good condition. Provenance: from a castle in the northern Swabian Alb.

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Pistol Holster, Mitte 20. Jh.

Product code: 14869
50 €*

German authorities for P38 / P1. Very good condition.

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Pistol Holster, Anfang 20. Jh.

Product code: 14860
70 €*

for FN pistols. Brown leather, with preserved cleaning tool. Very good condition

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Ax South German 1700, um 1700

Product code: 13323
90 €*

or throwing ax. Blade  with simple decoration, as well as two smith marks. Original wooden handle preserved. Length 34 cm.

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Imperial Navy Reichskriegsflagge, um 1900

Product code: 13968
380 €*

Woven linen with cross and eagle, original with remains of hanging cord. Dimensions: 100 x 60 cm. Occasional damage in the fabric, some stains.

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Papal Bull Vatican about 1200, um 1200

Product code: 15261
1.300 €*

by Pope Innocent III around 1200. Diameter 40 mm. Very good condition, a little corrosion in the area of the cord exits. A similar object was auctioned in 2017 for € 1900 plus a premium.

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Wheellock Rifle Germany 1600/19. Jh., um 1600

Product code: 15081
2400 €*

Octagonal barrel with brass grain. Wheel lock with pan slider, tap with spark protection. Lock plate with maker’s mark MG in the heart, inside wheel. Wheel cover with decorative openings, iron fittings, button trigger, walnut stock with ornamental carving. This rifle has an original barrel and lock, the stock was probably added in the 19th […]

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Flintlock Pistol Germany 1780, um 1780

Product code: 14798
1.100 €*

Octagonal fluted barrel signed Lazaro Lazzarino, barrel mark, going to round with iron grain. Arched lock plate. Slightly decorated brass fittings. Walnut stock with floral carving around the tail screw. Length 38 cm. Occasionally cleaned rust spots, stock with small repair in the mouth area, otherwise very good condition and function.

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Percussion Pistol Germany 1830, um 1830

Product code: 14802
550 €*

Curly, octagonal damask barrel, unhookable, fine hair band. Rear sight and adjustable grain. Smooth lock, smooth iron fittings, iron knob. Brass monogram plate, original ramrod with horndopper. Grained nut tree stock.. Length 31 cm. In the area of the pistons minimally cleaned rust spots, otherwise very good condition and function.

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Percussion Target Rifle Klawitter, Wolfegg, ca. 1840

Product code: 15253
2.500 €*

Octagonal, curly barrel with adjustable grain, height- and side-adjustable rear sight, diopter with square in height and side adjustable. Floral engraved tail bolt, also engraved iron fittings. Fine adjustable German trigger. Walnut trigger guard with finger hook and hand rest. Cheek and floral engraved, heavy piston cap. Bright barrel with 7 sharp strokes, sharp muzzle […]

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Bayonet Czechoslovakia, ca. 1930

Product code: 15136
60 €*

Blade stamped CSZT, opposite side E Adler 26. Painted steel scabbard, coupling shoe. Blade very good, pommel slightly rusty, regimental stamp. Handle wood repaired. Length 43.5 cm.

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Bayonett SG 84/98, ca. 1930

Product code: 15134
70 €*

Blued blade, wooden handle shells. Lacquered scubbard, shoe with aluminum rivets. Blade very good, handles on one side with mark BW, scabbard one side damallt. Length 38.5 cm.

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Stiletto for artillery Germany around 1600, um 1600

Product code: 14698
780 €*

3-edged blade, one-sided with scale for determining the cannon caliber, scale from 1 to 120. Guard with wound ends, turned wood handle with leg and brass pins. Baluster knob. Length 57 cm. Blade cleaned rust stains, leg stiffeners partially pasted, otherwise good condition.

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Flintlock Rifle, um 1800

Product code: 15125
490 €*

Octagonal barrel, brass foresight. Arched flintlock with brass pan. Walnut stock with brass fittings, decorated thumb plate, cheek and plaster slip. Length 129 cm. This rifle was readapted to flintlock using a later hammer.

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Flintlock Rifle, Germany 1770/1840, ca. 1770/1840

Product code: 15155
1.200 €*

Barrel going from octagon over baluster to round. Octagonal area fluted, silver grain. Lock with C-shaped tap, brass fittings engraved with weapon trophies, side plate with jumping deer. Silver Thumb Plate with Roccalien and Owner’s Monogram U.D. Finely grained nut tree stock with horn cap. Length 150 cm. Original ramrod.

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Wind Rifle Pirko in Wien, um 1850

Product code: 15255
9.400 €*

Tanned octagonal barrel with a height- and side-adjustable rear sight, with square adjustable grain. Top side of the lock plates in gold-framed font cartridges signed: H.Mulacz, engraver. Chamber area rich foliage deposits in gold, signed Rudolf Pirko in Vienna. Right and left lock plate same gold inlays and buquett engraving. In the cartouche satyr and […]

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Percussion Pocket Pistol, ca. 1850

Product code: 13192
190 €*

System case and barrel forged from one piece. Master mark under the barrel. Walnut stock. Length 17 cm. Very good condition and function

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