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Original packet of paper cartridges 1874

Product code: 17005
840 €*

10 pieces of paper cartridges for the Prussian needlefire gun Dreyse adapted from Beck. Originally packed in thick, light cardboard paper. Labeled: 10 cartridge cartridges, each 29 cents, Ludwigsburg 22/5 1874, S sleeves, S mirror. Dimensions 84 x 64 x 32 mm. Condition: Excellent apart from minimal staining, this is a rare opportunity for the […]

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Long knife Afghanistan Mid of 19th Century

Product code: 15736
580 €*

Wide, single-edged fuller, richly decorated on both sides with floral gold and silver inlays over half the length. Solid silver ferrule with openwork ornaments. Riveted horn grips. Blade length 46 cm, total length 61.5 cm. Condition: there are defects in the front area of the precious metal inlays, as well as on the back of […]

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Bayonet Argentina Mauser M 1909

Product code: 16664
110 €*

Single-edged blade with wide fluting, back of blade stamped “A”, root stamped “modello Argentino 1909” national coat of arms and serial number. Riveted walnut grip panels, pommel with pusher. Black blued steel scabbard with suspension hook, matching numbers. Blade length 40 cm, total length 52 cm. Scabbard with a few smaller dents, otherwise very good […]

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Bayonet Germany M 88/98

Product code: 16676
150 €*

Single-edged blade with a wide fluting, double-edged in place. Back of blade stamped with crown and acceptance letter, quillon with serial number 26.08, solid steel handle with spring-loaded pusher, handle olive-colored. Original black blued scabbard. Leather gun pouch. Blade length 23.6 cm overall length 36.5 cm. Very good condition, gun pourch probably a later addition.

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Bayonet Prussia 98/05 a.A.

Product code: 17173
100 €*

Wedge blade with wide fluting, tapering towards the front. Quillon stamped with crown and 16 (date of issue 1916), root stamped Waffenfabrik Mauser AG Oberndorf a.N. Grooved wooden grip panels, fire protection plate, spring-loaded pusher, steel scabbard with suspension hook. The condition of this piece is very unusual, the blade was thickly preserved in fat […]

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Bayonet, France about 1866 Chassepot

Product code: 17172
120 €*

Curved yatagan blade with a wide, rectangular flute. Back of the blade signed Imp ale de Chatellerault 1867. Grooved brass grip. Blade length 57.5 cm, total length 70 cm. Blade with minimal staining, the root with a dark patina, crossguard with isolated pitting, brass with a dark patina.

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Luxury Shamshir, Ottoman about 1830

Product code: 16949
3.900 €*

Saber blade with strong curvature, fuller in the middle. Fine multiple fluting, fine wootz damask. The root with a mark framed by a deeply inlaid gold line. Solid, heavy silver grip with clasps, S-shaped crossguard and curved pommel. The entire surface is finely decorated with blossoms, acanthus and a central bouquet decoration, the base is […]

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Wine Jug, Germany July 1917

Product code: 17192
230 €*

Conical brass body with coat of arms, lid with knob. Grip and base decoration made of bronze grenade guide rings. The jug is fully hot-dip tinned on the inside, so it can still be used. The primer on the bottom and surrounding stamps rh.m. F2 as well as July 1917 and Düsseldorf, further acceptance stamps. […]

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Percussion Pistol Replica Pedersoli Lepage

Product code: 16972
590 €*

Octagonal, deep-drawn smooth barrel with adjustable steel rear sight, height-adjustable front sight, engraved breech plug. Engraved lock and engraved steel fittings, finely adjustable trigger, checkered walnut stock. Total length 40 cm, barrel length 22.5 cm. Very good, almost new condition.

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Percussion Pistol, probably France about 1790/1840

Product code: 17138
880 €*

Damascus barrel, 8-edged chamber, merging into round over several balusters. Iron front sight, breech plug engraved. Curved lock plate with edge stitch engraving. Iron fittings engraved with weapon trophies and floral decoration. Walnut stock with raised comb and baroque carvings, original iron ramrod. Length 33cm. Metal parts with thin age patina, otherwise very good condition […]

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Percussion Pocketpistol, England 1850

Product code: 17137
330 €*

Unscrewable round barrel with key cam, proof mark Birmingham. Engraved sides signed with inscription cartouche: C. Hampton, Chichester. Central hammer, trigger guard, grained walnut grip, overall length 16 cm. Very good condition and function. The barrel is screwable, sits loosely.

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