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Flintlock Replika Mod. 1810, ca.1980

Product code: 15164
230 €*

Octagonal barrel, top completely engraved with arabesques and model 1810. Breech plug with numeral set in silver 1. Engraved brass fittings, engraved lock.Light walnut stock. Length 41 cm. Deep drawn bare barrel, good flying sparks.

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Carbine FN Mod. 1935 Peru, 1935

Product code: 15225
290 €*

Round barrel, sleeve with Peruvian national coat of arms and Fab.Nat.dÀrmes de Guerre Herstal Belgique Modelo 1935. Walnut stock with side strap attachment. Lock not matching numbers. Length 110 cm. Belgian proof. Inside barrel bright, rifle edges slightly rounded, stock with traces of usage. Rust dots in transition to wood. Very good function.

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Model of a Cannon, neuzeitlich

Product code: 15235
950 €*

17th century style. Cannon barrel made of wood, bronzed, finely carved with a double-headed eagle, banners dated 1592. Balusters. Dolphin handle, trunnion. Bottom piece with acorn-shaped cones. Finely crafted iron fittings. Detailed mount with iron-studded wheels, functioning crosshairs for height adjustment. Ramrod. Tube length 45 cm, total length 72 cm.

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Court Sword, um 1820

Product code: 15036
950 €*

Two-edged blade with fine trophy etching and foliage decoration, marked WK & C. Silver vessel, engraving scubbard with resting lion on battering ram with ram’s head. Handle with lion dekorated, knob lionhead. Silver center band with oak leaves decor, mother-of-pearl grip cups. Black leather scubbard with silver fittings, portepee with silver threads. Old owner label […]

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Miqueletpistol, ca. 1800

Product code: 15228
480 €*

Conical barrel with iron-cut fluting, Miquelet lock with Ottoman gunsmith signature. Steel parts with floral engraving. Wooden stock with richly ornamented brass overturned, knob decorated knob and side plate. Length 47 cm. Good condition and function.

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Officials Sword, um 1800

Product code: 14141
890 €*

Deeply grooved blade with raised middle ridge, upper third with fine, completely preserved blue etching and fire-gilded weapon trophies. Probably Solinger blade smith SHJ. Brass vessel richly decorated with cock, laurel wreath, cornucopia and lion’s heads. Handle and knob also decorated. Deeply grooved mother of pearl grips, length 94 cm.

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Officials Sword, um 1850

Product code: 15210
490 €*

Blade with wide groove and raised middle ridge. Upper third with fine trophy etch. Brass vessel with Dutch coat of arms and motto “Je maintiendrai”. Handle, knob and quillon with finely cut decor. Remains of original fire gilding, grooved mother-of-pearl shells. Length 89 cm.

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Artillery Sabre, um 1850

Product code: 14846
240 €*

Double-edged blade, deeply flooded with high middle ridge. Signed Manuf Re Roiale Du Klingenthal, back Mod.18 ?. Wooden handle, flap hinged on one side with riveted grenade. Working push button. Length 94 cm. Blade cutting points are sharply jagged, edge of vessel small dents. Otherwise good condition.

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Wheellockrifle, um 1740

Product code: 13588
6.900 €*

Curly blued octagonal barrel in silver sign. Joh. And.Kuchenreuter to Regenspurg, in silver beaten master’s mark. Deep-cut pearl rim decoration, inserted visor with flap and Baroque decor, adjustable brass grain. Wheel lock with inside wheel signed ITP. Tap with integrated pan cover, pan slide. Plaster cover with horn and leg inlays. Nut tree stock carved […]

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Percussion Short Gun, ca. 1840

Product code: 14829
1.460 €*

Curly octagonal barrel, unhookable, with original tanning. About hexagon height adjustable visor, adjustable silver grain. Chamber with engraving and silver lines, lock with swivel lock, signed A.Plappert Goslar, hunting scene. Engraved brass fittings, finely adjustable engraver. Slipcase with horn knob and inside original key for height adjustment. Silver monogram plate with owner’s coat of arms. […]

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Flintlock Pistol, 1790

Product code: 13946
1.650 €*

Curved octagonal damask barrel with adjustable silver grain, flat faceted lock plate with fuse, rain protected pan and battery with roller to reduce friction. Adjustable engraver trigger, iron fittings. Grained walnut stock finely carved with scales on the back, silver monogram plate. Knob with egg-rod carving, checkering with silver pins. Blank barrel with hair grooves, […]

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Flintlock Pistol, um 1800

Product code: 12936
980 €*

Curved octagonal barrel with brass grain, engraved breech plug. Barrel stamped ELG. Flintlock, curved lock plate, battery with roller to reduce friction. Brass fittings with floral engravings, trigger guard with vase decor. Walnut stock with checkering, original ramrod. Length 28 cm. Very good condition and function.

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Percussion Uhlanpistol M1870 Saxony, 1861/70

Product code: 15217
3.900 €*

Concentric barrel with rooted grain, octagonal chamber, extended iron center bar. Chamber stamped with D under crown, for the proof of the main gun magazin in Dresden. Stamped 1870 (year of manufacture), the Lorenz lock stamped 861 (for 1861). Buttplate stamped with 18.U.1.116 (18th Uhlan Regiment, 1st Eskadron, Weapon 116), catching ring. The grained walnut […]

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Percussionpistol Replica Lepage, neuzeitlich

Product code: 15165
430 €*

Octagonal barrel with engraved breech plug and height-adjustable screw sight. Engraved fittings, hair trigger. Checkering sown walnut stock. Length 40 cm. Very good, almost mint condition, shiny barrel with sharp grooves. Original price 819 €

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Jägerbüchse Badenia M1843, 1855

Product code: 15222
4.500 €*

Unhookable octagonal barrel, chamber stamped Oberndorf. Finely adjustable quadrant sight 300 to 2400 step. Rib for hunting hanger, brass fittings. Trigger with typical bolted pin attachment. Grained nut tree barrel, original ramrod. Length: 115 cm. Barrel in the chamber area around the Piston stronger former rust pittings, front belt attachment defective, brass fittings and stock […]

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