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Mold 10 mm

Product code: 17020
80 €*

Pointed bullet with two grooves cal. 10 mm. Guide bolts, without further markings. Length 20cm. Lots of original patina with minimal isolated spots.

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US Combination Mold/Tool .32 S&W

Product code: 16093
220 €*

Nickel-plated bullet tongs with integrated reloading elements, long bullet with a groove, cutter, primer remover and primer setter. Stamped Ideal M.F.G. Co. New Heaven USA .32 B&W. Several patent stamps and 1884 on the reverse. Length 20.5 cm. Almost completely preserved nickel plating.

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Hussar Carbine Austria M 1798

Product code: 17122
2.750 €*

Conical round barrel, chamber with deeply struck heart mark, various serial numbers, stamped 1827 and IG. Lock with brass pan and hook safety and deeply struck double eagle. Brass mounts with acceptance marks, riding bar with ring, central ring, and iron side plate. Grained walnut stock. Length 86 cm, barrel length 48 cm. Stock with […]

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Flare Gun France M1907

Product code: 17400
330 €*

Octagonal break barrel merging to round, signed Chobert Paris, side opener. System made of brass with integrated trigger, central hammer. Screwed, checkered walnut grip panels, pommel with catch ring. Total length 20 cm, barrel length 10 cm, steel parts patinated. Very good condition and function, French World War I flare gun.

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Luxury Percussion Pistol Sauer und Sohn Suhl ca. 1845

Product code: 17486
2.350 €*

8 edged, curved Damascus barrel forged from smooth and wild bands, brown stripes, the breech several silver bands, silver signature I.P. Sauer & Sohn Suhl. Breech plug finely engraved. Bright barrel with nine deep grooves, acanthus engraved, rear sight blade height-adjustable via square, adjustable front sight. Color case-hardened lock plate engraved with foliage, as well […]

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Percussion Pistol, Balkans about 1780 /1840

Product code: 17304
400 €*

Conical barrel with angular base, breech surface with gold plating, as well as the breech plug, signed Agazz. Flintlock adapted for percussion with some iron cutting, signed B.Agazz. Silver, engraved muzzle ring, silver and iron fittings, silver thumb plate. Length 43 cm, barrel length 30 cm. Gold inlays with some losses, otherwise good to very […]

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Percussion-Transitionsrevolver, William Roberts London about 1865

Product code: 17479
670 €*

Octagonal barrel with pearl grain, arabesques engraved and signed WM. Roberts London, deep drawn barrel with light staining. Drum chambers numbered, engraved hammer on top. Engraved round system, double-action trigger. Grip frame with pommel and spring-loaded primer flap. Checkered walnut grip panels, overall length 27 cm, barrel length 11 cm. Light patina, otherwise very good […]

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Kris, Indonesia, 19th century

Product code: 11480
90 €*

Flamed pamor damask blade, wooden handle with decorative carvings, ferrule made of soldered silver wire, scabbard with precious wood mouthpiece, total length 44 cm, blade length 33 cm. Blade with staining, scabbard with scratches.

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Student fencing set, German, 19th century

Product code: 17427
420 €*

Set consists of a helmet and drumstick sword. Epee blade with broad fluting, rounded tip. Root stamped Weyersberg and Co., Solingen. Iron basket vessel with round clasps, forged knots. Wooden handle with multi-level cord covering, leather lanyard. Pigskin covered bottom with black ink marking Wetzel, Albert. Total length 104 cm, blade length 86 cm. Patinated […]

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Wheellock Rifle, Germany Master B.B. about 1650

Product code: 17488
6.300 €*

Octagonal, curved barrel, chamber with iron-cut bead decoration, height-adjustable rear sight, brass front sight. Rifled soul with strong staining, lock plate signed B. B., engraved with hunting scenes between trees, the spring cover plate with a jumping dog, the rooster with a kneeling baroque hunter, spring-loaded pan slide, finely adjustable set trigger with needle set, […]

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Needlefire Rifle, Italy M 1867 Artillery

Product code: 17497
3.300 €*

Conical round barrel with adjustable cam sight up to 300 m. Bayonet mount, bright barrel with four wide rifling. Lock with existing ignition needle. Marked, iron lock guide pan in the stock wood. Brass fittings marked, walnut stock with deep marks. Original cleaning rod. Total length 109 cm. Very good condition and function. Matching numbered […]

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Crossbow, Germany, in the style of 16th century

Product code: 16888
2.450 €*

Iron bow with cleanly forged string mounts, braided hemp string, rope anchorage. Front bound retaining ring, trimmings of red, green and multicolored wool. Strongly bulbous walnut column, the top and bottom with engraved bones. The side surfaces with finely engraved bone inlays. Thread-bearing nut made of bone, multi-bearing trigger mechanism with safety wing and flap. […]

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Fencing Sword, Toledo, 20th century

Product code: 16344
80 €*

Rectangular cross-section of the blade with a widened tip, root with arabesque decoration and Toledo in an inscription cartouche. Iron bell with fine etched decoration, grooved hard rubber grip, iron pommel. Total length 106 cm, blade length 90 cm. Very good condition with some patina.

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Sword Prussia IOD 89,1893

Product code: 14156
640 €*

Single-edged, double-fluted straight blade, root stamped with the Erfurt manufactory mark and crown. The opposite side with maker’s stamp Weyersberg, Kirschbaum, Solingen. Back of the blade Prussian marks as well as 93 (1893). The grip in bronze with three clasps and the Prussian eagle. Top stamped 46. R. R. 7.2, black leather lanyard. Oval pommel, […]

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Court Official Sword, Germany about 1800

Product code: 17314
770 €*

Single-edged, straight blade with broad fluting, upper third blued with fire-gilt decorative etchings such as weapon trophies, crossed swords, vases. Root with etched inscription cartouches, K. & S (Kirschbaum and Schnitzler), opposite Solingen. Brass hilt with finely worked trophies, mascarons, grip bands decorated with blossom branches, with remnants of fire gilding, flooded mother-of-pearl grip plates. […]

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Extra long pistol

Product code: 17398
650 €*

Browned octagonal barrel with pearl front sight, chamber with simple engraving, solid, curved iron grip with an underhammer system embedded in it. Octagonal pommel with arabesque decoration, adjusting screw for adjusting the impact energy, rear sight. For loading, the handle is separated from the barrel with a slight turn via a bayonet catch. The  chamber […]

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