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Product code: 14944
50 €*

by Björn Schöön in English, French and German. Dimensions: 30 x 20 cm. 252 pages, paperback black and white images.

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Europäische Helme

Product code: 14035
20 €*

Müller / Kunter. Military publishing house of the GDR 1984. Mostly black and white images. Dimensions: 24.5 x 31.5 cm, 314 pages. Dust jacket bumped, otherwise very good condition.

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Old Cataloges

Product code: 14037
je 10 €*

Sales catalogs Lothar Heubel 1967, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 1-72, No. 2-72, No. 8-73. Further editions on request.

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Tin Chandelier Germany about 1800

Product code: 16012
220 €*

Tall candle thorn, drip tray with foliage and flower decorations, baluster shaft. Three-sided, finely decorated foot, in the center the eye of God, lion’s head feet. Height 71 cm. Very good condition.

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Lionshead Sabre Netherlands about 1870

Product code: 15316
420 €*

Polished steel blade, Yzerhouwer (Eisenhauer) etched in a writing cartridge. Fire-gilded brass hilt with two lion heads, portepee. Black polished handle with silver wire winding. Nickel-plated steel blade. Length 99 cm, blade length 85 cm. Carrying ring minimal nickel damage, otherwise very good condition with 95% fire gilding.

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Bajonett M84/93 3.Ausf.

Product code: 15375
130 €*

Burnished blade with fuller, root stamped S / 175.G, opposite side with serial number. Wooden grip scales, pommel with Heereswaffenamt stamps No. 68. Black steel scabbard stamped E Pack & S 1938. Length 38.5 cm, blade length 25 cm. Pommel and scabbard with minimal rust spots, blade almost as good as new.  

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Saddleringcarbine USA Sharps New Model 1863

Product code: 15695
4.200 €*

Conical round barrel stamped Sharps Rifle Manufg Co Hardtford. Conn. and New Model 1863. Stamped under visor RS Lawrence patented Feb. 15th 1869. Folding visor up to 800 yards. Rear lock with switchable automatic primer setting from the internal tube magazine. Stamped deeply with Lawrence patent data and C.Sharps `Pat Oct 5th 1852. Drop block […]

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Powderhorn Austria about 1750

Product code: 16027
40 €*

Horn body with wooden base and carved wooden stopper. Length 16 cm. Very good condition.

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Shot pouch Austria about 1800

Product code: 16026
30 €*

Leather bag with wooden chute and lock, chip carving. Few signs of wear on one side, otherwise good condition. Length 19 cm.

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Military Huntinghanger maybe Prussia beginning19th Cent.

Product code: 15469
850 €*

Straight, single-edged blade with a wide fuller. Etched owner monogram I.TK. Arched guard, S-shaped crossguard with brass handle and brass grip scales in the manner of the Prussian model M1810. Black leather scabbard with brass fittings. Length 78.5 cm, blade length 65 cm. Leather with shrinkage and age cracks, but without breakage. Patinated brass, otherwise […]

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Kindjal Caucasus Mid19th. Cent.

Product code: 15969
970 €*

Multiple fluted double-edged blade, damask structure. Round master’s mark stamped in gold, handle scales made of walrus ivory with silver rivets decorated with niello. Wooden scabbard with black leather cover, silver fittings with fine scrollwork engravings and niello decorations. Numbers and decorations on the reverse, Russian silver fineness mark 84 (Zolotniki, which corresponds to 875 […]

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Bayonet Turkey M1890 Syngu

Product code: 15382
80 €*

Blade with fluting and round back, root stamped with Turkish characters, back of the blade star and crescent. Curved quillons with ball ends, riveted wooden grip panels. Pommel stamped AS.FA (Askari Fabrica). Length 37.3 cm, blade length 24.5 cm. Steel scabbard slightly dented, otherwise good condition.

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Money Box Germany about 1580

Product code: 16013
680 €*

Oak wooden body with hinged lid and slot for inserting money. Fitted with ornate iron bands on all sides, openwork hinge bands, lock attached to the front. Size 22 x 16 x 9 cm. Lid is torn, straps on the underside and the right strap in front are missing, no key. Good condition considering its […]

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Saber Austria about 1760

Product code: 11572
290 €*

Double-edged saber blade in the point, brass handle with S-shaped parrying and balusters, central clasp. Backstrap stamped R., wooden reef. Total length 66 cm, blade length 55 cm. Blade with slight staining, wooden handle some wormholes, brass parts very good.

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Infantry Officer´s Sword Saxony M1867 Modif.

Product code: 14152
450 €*

Nickel-plated blade with double flooding, hilt with spring-loaded, foldable guard plate with floral decoration and Saxon coat of arms. Black covered handle, silver wire winding. Total length 98 cm, blade length 84 cm. Privately procured officer’s item.

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English Military Machete S+J. Kitchin No. 2640

Product code: 15402
160 €*

Wide blade stamped S + J Kitchin Ltd. Sheffield No. 2640 and Broad Arrow proof mark 1955. Black ebonite grip plate, copper rivets. Leather scabbard with pigskin introduction, stamped on the reverse D.M + S Ltd. 1944 and Broad Arrow with G. Total length 50.5 cm, blade length 37 cm. Blade back with traces of […]

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Tennessee Rifle Replica, 1976

Product code: 15292
370 €*

US octagonal barrel with height-adjustable sight, blank with six sharp grooves, epoxy bedding. Proof Ulm 1976. Hard-tempered lock, adjustable hair trigger. Dark beech stock, patch box with two spare pistons. Overall length 129 cm, barrel length 89 cm, deduction distance 34.5 cm. This weapon was built for a shooter from a simpler Italian replica with […]

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