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Flintlockpistol Ferlach about 1750

Product code: 15845
1.430 €*

Octagonal barrel turning over baluster to round, wavy-shaped brass front sight, brass breech plug with arabesque engraving. Deeply struck brass master’s mark with crown and gunsmith’s signature E.Ancha (sometimes difficult to read). Edged lock plate with lightly engraved rooster, signed Ferlach. Baroque shaped brass fittings. Grained walnut stock with decorative carvings and horn finish. Original […]

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Khoumia, Marokko End of 19th Century

Product code: 17567
90 €*

Curved blade, edged wooden handle, engraved brass fittings. Brass scabbard, engraved. Length 42 cm, blade length 27 cm. Good condition.

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Long Hunting Dagger, Germany, 18th Century

Product code: 11393
370 €*

Double-edged blade with flat ridge and decorative decoration. Pointed hollow in the middle with openwork decoration. Guard with cartilage ends and antique hunter with dagger in decorative cartouche. Flooded wooden handle, strong decorative wires. Oval pommel and ferrule. Length 63.5 cm, blade length 52.5 cm. Very good condition, blade slightly patinated.

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Hunting Hanger, Germany about 1700

Product code: 15560
950 €*

Straight blade, locally double-edged, narrow fuller, the upper third with decorative etching. Medallions decorated on both sides with deer or wild boar. Crossguard with downward-moving ends with leaf engravings. The handle shows a hunter in baroque costume on a hallmarked background. Shell-shaped guard blade. Deer horn handle with filed decorative rivets, oval pommel. Length 71. […]

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Strong, hunting tusker, Germany 1820

Product code: 17432
520 €*

Tusk blade smooth on one side, ground on the opposite side, double-edged at the point. Fluted crossguard, with hunting horns and a wild boar and deer head in the middle. Crossguard ends in the shape of dog heads. Oval guard plate with medallion, resting deer and hind surrounded by trees. Laurel frame. Smooth handle fittings, […]

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Zimmerstutzen, South Germany about 1870

Product code: 17548
490 €*

Octagonal barrel, engraved breech plug, adjustable tunnel front sight, loading device. The lock and fittings are finely engraved with acanthus and vine leaves. Finely adjustable trigger, adjustable diopter. Grained walnut stock with tiger stripes and checkering. The cheekpiece and buttstock are very finely carved with foliage and edelweiss. Length 100 cm, barrel length 74 cm. […]

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Stone bow rifle, probably Nuremberg about 1600

Product code: 17639
4.700 €*

Forged, wedged steel bow with finely forged eyepieces, braided hemp string with central steel roller. Screwed folding rear sight. Iron column with hinged tensioning lever. Deeply struck PS brand with mill wheel. Attached barrel with slot for sight guide, inserted brass front sight. Turnbuckle, trigger guard. Cheek butt made of walnut with fine leg inlays, […]

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Flintlock Pistol, Mediteranean area 19th/20th Century

Product code: 17570
60 €*

Concentric barrel, stock with brass wire inlays and fittings with cast decor. Hammer doesn’t rest. Length 41cm. These pistols were made in Morocco for the bazaars around the Mediterranean.

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Percussionpistol probably France 1840

Product code: 12295
790 €*

Octagonal, curved Damascus barrel with engraved breech plug, rear sight and front sight, stamped at the bottom with HL and NL as well as a deeply struck barrel forge mark. Lock plate and hammer with flower engraving, remains of fire gilding. Also engraved steel fittings. Silver monogram plate and oval slide plates. Grained walnut stock […]

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Cavallry Percussionpistol Bavaria M 1826/43 UM

Product code: 13259
740 €*

Octagonal chamber turning to round, fixed sight. Chamber stamped with double mark. Smooth lock with a rounded ending. Steel fittings. Walnut stock with star mark. Length 38.4cm.  Steel parts minimal staining, stock with old, barely visible repair. Very good function with a strong spring. This weapon is a variant without a lock marking. We do […]

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Flintlock Cavallry Pistol Austria M 1798

Product code: 15168
1.460 €*

Conical barrel, flat lock plate with brass pan, brass fittings with acceptance stamps. Grained walnut stock with deeply struck numbers and “IM” on the opposite side of the lock. Length 42.5cm. Barrel has some staining on the inside, otherwise very good condition and function. Strong lock and battery spring.

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Percussionrevolver Rogers & Spencer Replica

Product code: 17250
150 €*

Blued octagonal barrel signed König. Closed frame with sight rail, signed Rogers & Spencer Utica N-J. Underside of the barrel with German black powder proof Munich 1981. Length 34 cm. Bright barrel with deep rifling, very good condition and function. In original box.

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Powderflask Southeurope about 1800

Product code: 17588
140 €*

Round-oval wooden body, fully covered with leather. Visible side decorative lines, back sewn. Iron carrying eyes. Wooden chute with sliding powder barrier. Height 18cm. Very good condition, lock later addition.

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Lionshead Saber for Artillry Officers Prussia End of 19th Century

Product code: 17593
580 €*

Nickel-plated blade with wide fuller, root stamped under guard with helmet mark for Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie, Solingen. Finely crafted crossguard, handle and pommel. Ruby glass eyes, horn handle with multiple silver wire wrapping, portepee. Black painted steel scabbard with carrying ring. Length 85 cm, blade length 72 cm. Excellent state of preservation.

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Sword of a Postal Officer Prussia about 1900

Product code: 17469
890 €*

Blade with a wide fuller, the upper third etched with arabesques and dragon heads. Blade back signed Collani & Co. Court Suppliers Berlin. Brass hilt, guard plate with an attached, finely crafted Prussian eagle. Wooden handle with fine silver wire winding. Gold-silver portepee. Black leather scabbard with brass fittings. Length 94 cm, blade length 81 […]

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Flintlock Musket Suhl 1670

Product code: 17297
3.300 €*

Heavy octagonal barrel turning to round. Chamber deeply struck with Suhl hen and key mark. Inserted butterfly sights with shaped front sight. Bright, smooth barrel with minimal staining. Iron fittings. More curved, arched lock plate, front half widened. Hammer mark between the battery spring. Flooded trigger guard, serpentine side plates. Grained walnut stock, the opposite […]

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