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Flintlock Gun Spain

Product code: 16569
1.100 €*

Octagonal barrel going over baluster to round. Silver vent screw. Floral silver decoration, inlaid in silver Fabricado en Eybar ano e 1810. Deeply struck master’s mark Eglanio Ybarra with a crown and a rising lion. Breech plug engraved in the English style, signed I.Hill (owner ?). Flintlock battery spring with roller bearing. Trigger guard florally […]

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Socket Bayonet England P 1853

Product code: 16632
160 €*

Triangular cross-section with three fullers, ricasso stamped with WD and Broad Arrow, crown and E2. Bayonet socket with locking ring. Length 52.3 cm, blade length 43.1 cm. Grommet diameter 21.2 – 21.7 mm. Very good condition.

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Socket Bayonet similiar to French M 1822

Product code: 16239
100 €*

Total length 53 cm, blade length 43.4 cm. Grommet diameter 20 -20.4 mm. Very good condition.

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1842 Bayonet France Mod. 1842

Product code: 15428
180 €*

Yatagan blade with a wide fuller. French acceptances. Back etched Manuf. Re – Imp.ale – de Chatellerault 8 bre 1845. Grooved brass grip. Length 69.2 cm, blade length 57.0 cm. Blade with traces of grinding, crossguard with small scars, brass handle with dents. Otherwise good condition.

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Bayonet France M 1866 Chassepot

Product code: 16614
280 €*

Yatagan blade, ricasso with deep French acceptance marks. Back etched  Mre – Imp.ale – de St.-Etienne Mars 1868. Crossguard with serial number and acceptance marks, grooved brass grip. steel scabbard. Length 69.9 cm, blade length 57.4 cm. Scabbard with patina spots, no dents. Bayonet very good condition

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Epee Bayonet France Mle 1886/93/16

Product code: 15430
120 €*

Blade with four fullers, root marked P. Crossguard with new handle shape, brass grip. Blued steel scabbard. Length 63.5 cm, blade length 51.6 cm. Uncut original length. Handle with minor dents, otherwise very good condition.

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Epee Bayonet France Lebel 1886/93

Product code: 16613
150 €*

Blade with four fullers, butt with French acceptances. Crossguard with bow, white metal grip (German silver). Blued steel scabbard. Length 63.8 cm, blade length 51.8 cm. Uncut original length, very good condition.

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Bayonet France Mle 92 Musqueton 2nd Edition

Product code: 16616
110 €*

Blade with holding nose on both sides, ricasso with acceptance marks. Blade back with fuller. Curved long guard, riveted wooden grip panels. Blued steel scabbard. Length 51.2 cm, blade length 39.8 cm. Scabbard blueing with abrasion, wooden grip panels some dents.

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Saber Netherlands M 1898 Hembrug

Product code: 16243
420 €*

Blued saber blade, double-edged point. Root stamped H with crown and acceptance, opposite side Hembrug. Pierced cutlass hilt, wooden grip scales riveted with brass. Strong leather scabbard. Length 75.5 cm, blade length 62.5 cm. Leather scabbard with minor chips, otherwise very good condition with the bluing of the blade almost completely preserved.

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Bayonet US M 1863 Remington

Product code: 16707
90 €*

Yatagan blade, fluted brass hilt, black leather scabbard with brass fittings. Length 62.0 cm, blade length 55.5 cm. Bayonet looks original but since it is unmarked we assume it is an aged replica.

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Saber Austria M 1861 for Officers

Product code: 15429
140 €*

Blued saber blade, root stamped Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. Solingen. Vessel with rolled baluster and portepee slits. Ray skin handle without winding. Length 87.0 cm, blade length 72.8 cm. Metal surface patinated, otherwise good condition.

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Flintlockpistol David Manton 1806 Replica

Product code: 17000
380 €*

Octagonal barrel, brass front sight and rear sight, signed David Manton 1806. Case-hardened lock, brass fittings with decorated pommel and brass ramrod rail. Grained walnut stock. Length 40cm. Sparkling barrel with six sharp rifling, very good function. Replica from the 1970s.

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Flintlock-Gendarmeriepistol France AN 9

Product code: 16209
1.420 €*

Conical round barrel, breech plug with remains of signature Mle AN 9. Lock with brass socket signed Mauberge Manuf.Imp.le . Steel fittings with French acceptances, grained walnut stock. Length 25cm. Based on the lock signature, the production time can be set between 1805 and 1815. Barrel signature difficult to read, cleaned surfaces with minimal remains […]

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Cavalrypercussionpistol France Mle 1822 Tbis

Product code: 14863
690 €*

Conical round barrel with front sight, chamber signed with caliber and various French approvals. Breech plug signed Mle 1822 Tbis. Brass fittings with deeply struck French acceptance marks. Walnut stock with various stock stamps, partially overstamped. Length 35cm. Steel surfaces with superficial patina spots, slight formation of corrosion around the piston and in the front […]

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Percussion Duelingpistol England ca. 1830

Product code: 16992
1.400 €*

Octagonal barrel with fine Damascus browning, underside Birmingham proof mark and barrel smith’s mark L& D. Engraved, detachable breech plug, silver front sight, rear sight, signed Bristol. Lock plate with acanthus engraving, signed W.M.Hole, cock safety slide. Engraved steel fittings, silver barrel slip plates and monogram plate. Hinged ramrod. Finely grained walnut stock with checkering. […]

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Flintlockpistol C.S.Wien about 1780

Product code: 16996
1.550 €*

Octagonal over baluster to round merging barrel, rear sight, signed Wienn. Sparse silver decoration. Lock plate with hunting scenes and floral engravings. Baroque brass fittings. Knob and end boned, walnut stock. Inside of the lock engraved master’s marks C. S. . Length 35cm. Surface with old, stained patina, very good lock function.

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Bayonet France/Prussia 66/71

Product code: 16622
450 €*

Yatagan blade with deeply struck French acceptance marks. Etched back Mre.Imp.le-de St.-Etienne 8 bre-1867. Crossguard with regimental marking, grooved brass grip. Blued steel scabbard with carrying hook. Length 69.9 cm, blade length 57.3 cm. Scabbard with patina and minimal stains, no dents, bayonet in very good condition. This French bayonet M 1866 was listed as […]

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Bayonet 84/98 n.A.

Product code: 17110
70 €*

Blued wedge blade, fire protection plate, screwed handle scales. Heereswaffenamt Mark WaA253. Length 38.4 cm, blade length 24.8 cm. Blueing partially preserved, grip panels with signs of wear.

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Gothic Estoc Dagger

Product code: 16895
670 €*

Strong, symmetrical blade with a high central ridge, root with continuous fuller, octagonal discs with silver bars in between in Gothic style. Grip with gristle. The disc pommel is identical to the guard. Black leather scabbard with decorated silver fittings, the chape with a plastic acorn in silver. Length 49.0 cm, blade length 32.5 cm. […]

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Hunting Sword Germany about 1780

Product code: 15478
530 €*

Wide fullered blade, double-edged in place. Iron Cross Vessel. Deer handle, pommel and ferrule oval with remains of bluing. Length 75.6 cm, blade length 60 cm. Etched ownership mark on blade removed. Tip with a small flaw, otherwise very good condition.

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Long Hunting Hanger Germany End of 18th Century

Product code: 15480
500 €*

Strong wedge blade, shell-shaped brass shell, crosspiece with cut ends. Grooved, faceted ebony grip, shell pommel. Length 77 cm, blade length 61 cm. Blade minimal partial spotting, otherwise very good condition.

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Hunting Hanger about 1900

Product code: 15483
420 €*

Flat blade double-edged in point, floral etchings. Root etched Hindenburg in inscription cartouche, guard plate with deer head and hunting trophies, crosspiece with oak leaf decoration. Rivet button worked as a boar’s head. staghorn handle. Length 73.6 cm, blade length 59 cm. This is probably a souvenir hunting hanger from Hindenburg at the end of […]

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Product code: 1695110
30 €*

Middle Ages, archaeological find.

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Flamed Blade

Product code: 169519
50 €*

50 cm. Beautiful forged structure, fine rust scars.

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Decorated dagger blade

Product code: 159516
20 €*


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Old sharpening iron, German around 1800

Product code: 169517
60 €*

Oval cross-section with applied brass application, handle with hanger. Length 35cm.

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Decapper German 1870

Product code: 10749
30 €*

with ejector.

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Powderflask England

Product code: 169511
30 €*

Basket design, length 21 cm. Replica.

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Product code: 169512
30 €*

with US eagle for pistols and percussion revolvers, length 16 cm. Replica.

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Product code: 169513
20 €*

for pocket pistols, length 12 cm.

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