Matchlock, Wheellock & Cannons

Wheelock Rifle Suhl about 1620

Product code: 17284
5.900 €*

Octagonal, curved barrel with six deep grooves. Barrel surface matt with staining. Chamber stamped VW. Finely crafted lock with remnants of old bluing, deeply embossed TS coat of arms mark, beautiful iron engraving on the inside. Fingered trigger guard. Fruitwood stock with cheek piece, forend decorated with grooves. Simpler bone inlay with rabbit, bear and […]

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Wheellock Pistol Germany 19th Centuray

Product code: 16833
3.200 €*

Octagonal barrel screwed from below turning over balusters to a round, curved mouth. Signed Johann Jacob Bähr Würtzburg. City mark stamped in copper with double-headed eagle on diamond shield and F. Lock plate with external wheel, sliding pan lid. Rooster with a stylized bird, lying back, pecking on the main spring. Decorative filings and engravings, […]

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Chain mail India 17th Century

Product code: 16158
540 €*

Fine-ringed chain mail with flaws, diameter of the rings 3.5 mm. Right side with sleeve preserved, left side fragmentary. Size approx. 65 x 65 cm.

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Magnificent shield in the style of the Renaissance 1570

Product code: 16168
1.450 €*

Slightly arched round shield with rich relief decoration. A frieze of trophy decoration with antique cartouche fields all around. Central scene with the judgment of Paris, who has to judge which of the three goddesses is the most beautiful: Aphrodite, Athene or Hera. Diameter 57 cm. With manufacturer’s badge GRAEFL FACTOREI ILSENBURG on the reverse. […]

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Model of a Cannon, neuzeitlich

Product code: 15235
950 €*

17th century style. Cannon barrel made of wood, bronzed, finely carved with a double-headed eagle, banners dated 1592. Balusters. Dolphin handle, trunnion. Bottom piece with acorn-shaped cones. Finely crafted iron fittings. Detailed mount with iron-studded wheels, functioning crosshairs for height adjustment. Ramrod. Tube length 45 cm, total length 72 cm.

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Soldier´s Powderflask, letztes Viertel 16.Jhdt.

Product code: 10416
1.620 €*

Trapezoidal, angular wooden body. Surfaces covered with black leather, side and bottom edges with angle plates that open into triangular corner fittings at the bottom and into the lid at the top. Sawn out iron flowers on the front with raised humps. Riveted corner fittings over the entire edges, spring-loaded belt hook on the back. […]

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Soldier´s Powderflask, Anfang 17.Jhdt.

Product code: 10410
1.180 €*

Long, curved wooden body covered with black leather and sewn. Leather surface front and back with line embossing. Iron base and lid with retaining rings. Conical chute with spring-loaded locking device and spring-loaded lock with decorative filings. Spring-loaded clasp on the back for attachment to the belt. Length: 29 cm. Good condition with minimal damage […]

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