We are very interested in buying collectibles, because we always want to offer a large selection of old weapons and antiques to our customers and prospective customers. This ranges from medieval weapons, weapons of peasant wars, courtly and finely decorated weapons of the Baroque period, up to the weapons of the 19th century, as percussion guns, firing pin systems and all variants of the incipient development of breech loading. Furthermore, we are interested in all kinds of military and civilian edged weapons, in short, everything about the weapon.

In the antiques we are particularly pleased with offerings from the art chamber area, everything that has to do with iron – key, fittings, cash boxes.

If you like to give something away, simply ask us and we make a classification on time and value of the object(s). This is free of charge and without obligation. Call us or send us a meaningful picture to our e-mail address: info@kunst-waffenkammer.de.

For purchases where a purchase permission is required, we have an arms trade permission.

We also like to buy whole collections.

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