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Product code: 1695110
30 €*

Middle Ages, archaeological find.

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Two Hand Sword Replika Braveheart Fa.Marto, neuzeitlich

Product code: 16554
100 €*

Double-edged blade. Ricasso and handle wrapped in suede, steel fittings. Length 133 cm, mint condition, original price 168 €.

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Magnificent shield in the style of the Renaissance 1570

Product code: 16168
1.450 €*

Slightly arched round shield with rich relief decoration. A frieze of trophy decoration with antique cartouche fields all around. Central scene with the judgment of Paris, who has to judge which of the three goddesses is the most beautiful: Aphrodite, Athene or Hera. Diameter 57 cm. With manufacturer’s badge GRAEFL FACTOREI ILSENBURG on the reverse. […]

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Morion Germany about 1580

Product code: 16024
2.600 €*

Raised comb, bell struck in two parts. Finely chased fleur-de-Lille in black and white decor. Brim laced edge. Riveted, finely embossed decorative brass rosettes. Height 26 cm. Provenance: armory of a Carinthian castle. Untouched original found condition.

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Miniature War Hammer, 16./19. Jh.

Product code: 14865
760 €*

Hammer head with multiple balusters. Opposite side with four-edged, down-bent tip. Round shank. Handle with disc ends and laced handle. The object comes from an old Berlin collection, which was built between the turn of the century and the 1930s. The hammer was probably the attribute of a sculpture. Length 27 cm. Typical old material […]

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