US Civil War

US Springfield Mod. 1884 Experimental Ramrod Bayonet Rifle

Product code: 16549
5.400 €*

Conical rpuns barrel, chamber stamped P and V with US eagle (proofed and view). Very finely adjustable sight with Bufington fine sight. Lock stamped US Model 1878, lock plate with US eagle and US Springfield stamp. Forearm end with side pusher for releasing and extending the ramrod bayonet. Walnut stock with deep, sharp acceptance marks […]

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Burnside Spencer Carbine M1865

Product code: 15860
2.550 €*

Lever action rifle Indian Wars Burnside Contract Spencer Saddlering Carbine, Cal. .56-50RF, SN 5474. 7 sections, matching numbers. Conical barrel with raised silver grain, folding frame visor up to 900 yards. System box stamped on top MODEL 1875 SPENCER REPEATING RIFLE / PAT´DE MARCH 6, 1860 / MANUF ´D AT PROV. R.I./BY BURNSIDE RIFLE CO. […]

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Epaulette American Civil War

Product code: 15604
140 €*

German silver, scale decoration and two snake heads. Edge framed with metal wire. Length 15 cm. Leather strap on the back with moth damage.

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Compass US Engineer Corp

Product code: 15614
170 €*

Manufacturer: Plan Ltd. Neuchatel Switzerland, serial number. Brass case, screws for various settings. Diameter 55 mm.

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Veteran Badge

Product code: 15603
60 €*

Red-white-blue striped ribbon of the N.H. Veterans Weirs Landing Sept. 1880

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Product code: 15635
60 €*

Iron, key inlet and flap made of brass stamped US. Height 9 cm

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Mixed lot of 5 US military badges

Product code: 15600
290 €*

Various e.g. Cavalry, artillery … some with motto. Length 5 cm – 8 cm.

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Pair of U.S. Epaulets

Product code: 15642
200 €*

Brass with six scales. US Union, Light Cavalry. Edge bead few slight dents.

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Lot of old Glasses

Product code: 15597
190 €*

a total of six positions, three of them noseband. Glasses partly gilded, partly with chain, plus three cases. All origin USA, manufacturer 1 x German, 1 x English. Probably brought by immigrants. Good condition, all glasses without damage,

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Pair of Epaulets

Product code: 15622
130 €*

Blue felt with gold embroidery. Length 10.5 cm. Very good condition.

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Abraham Lincoln bronzed Metal Bust

Product code: 15595
550 €*

1861-1865 President of the United States. Signed on the back “Patent J.Bailly May 1865” (Josef Alexis) and the manufacturer’s address “Warner Phila”. With proof of origin.

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Medal of the President Abraham Lincoln

Product code: 15615
540 €*

Engraver George T. Morgan. It was minted in the US coin in 1886. Fine, sharp embossing with minimal patina. Diameter 76 mm.

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Bronze Medal for President Ulysses Grant, ca. 1900

Product code: 15623
370 €*

Fine embossing, engraver William and Charles Barber. It was minted in the US coin around 1900. Diameter 76 mm. Small marginal bumps and minimal staining.

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Bronze Badge with US Eagle

Product code: 15605
80 €*

Octagonal. Fine precise embossing. Minimal verdigris formation otherwise very good condition. Diameter 43 mm.

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Original US Rail Nail

Product code: 15608
40 €*

Wrought iron. Length 16 cm. Minimally pitted, painted black.

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Product code: 15638
40 €*

Steel, very good condition. Length 27 cm.

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Folding Cutlery

Product code: 15640
120 €*

Blade stamped John K. Urner & Co.Sheffield. Iron folding fork and silver folding spoon with hallmarks WG.S R. Black buffalo horn handle scales. Length 11.5 cm, unfolded 30 cm. The tip of the fork has broken off, the blade is a little stained, no scars. Very good function.

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Pair of spurs M1885 Indian War, ab 1885

Product code: 15592
90 €*

Brass. Steel spur wheels, composed of two almost identical spurs. Length 19.5 cm

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Pair of Spurs

Product code: 15588
190 €*

Brass stamped LT Moss CSA. Iron spur wheels, adjustable leather straps. Spores somewhat patinated, leather in very good condition, probably renewed in later times. Length 13.5 cm.

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Pair of Spurs

Product code: 15589
150 €*

Brass, iron pinwheel finely filed. Leather straps probably renewed in later times. Length 12.5 cm.

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Saddle probably South America around 1860, ca. 1860

Product code: 11218
2.400 €*

Sewn raw leather saddle sheet with fine all-round hallmarking. Front and back weasels with nickel silver fittings, which are driven and hallmarked with running horses. Belt holder silver with gold flower. Stirrup holder same decoration. Overall length 60 cm. Slight dents on the top of the front and back squash. A few seams have opened […]

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Pennant of the 2nd Cav. UNITED STATES, 1835

Product code: 15593
180 €*

Blue-yellow felt with crest rising horse with rider, frame labeled Mexico, Indian, Spanish Civil. Font cartridge TOUJOURS PRET below, swords crossed at the top with 1835. Length 88 cm. A few moth holes, writing faded somewhat.

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Three Photo Cases

Product code: 15617
580 €*

Embossed leather, inside lid with finely embossed red velvet. Picture frame made of gilded copper sheet. 2 x soldiers in northern states uniform, 1 x portrait of a woman. A fabric hinge defective, a case with slight edge damage, otherwise in good condition. Sizes 9 x 8 cm to 9 x 12 cm.

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Rare Photo Album, 1860-1870

Product code: 15609
780 €*

Embossed leather with gold-plated clasps, cardboard pages with gold edges. Cover with gold print “Photographes” and handwritten dedications. It includes five photos of US soldiers in uniform and five portraits of women. Photo backs with names of people and stamps of the photographers. Partly stuck with stamps. Inside dates 1860 – 1870. Size 15 x […]

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Large U.S. Flag with 36 stars circa 1865

Product code: 15646
2.600 €*

Hand sewn. Size 263 x 151 cm. In the center a few minimal damage to the fabric, otherwise very good condition.

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Colt Mould Revolving Rifle

Product code: 15626
720 €*

for revolving rifle cal. .64. Stamped .56 S and Colt patent. Round ball and bullet, wooden handles. Brass ferrules. Screws at the end of the handles closed with wooden plugs. Extremely rare, since according to the Colt literature for the Civil War Colt Military Model Revolving Rifle in cal. .64 only 25 pieces were produced. […]

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Revolver Case George Gibbs Bristol

Product code: 15645
460 €*

Oak case with monogram plate, working original lock with key, blue felt with trade label. For a revolver with a length of 22.7 cm. External dimensions 26 x 17.5 cm. Original ammunition in cal. .450 can be supplied with authorization.

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US Belt with Sword Hanger

Product code: 15587
1.900 €*

Clasp with US eagle and motto E Pluribus unum, gold-plated with silver-plated laurel wreath. Manufacturer’s stamp on the back The Pettibone Bros Cin`ti.o. Dark blue leather belt covered with gilded fabric, associated hanger with the same manufacturer logo, two snap hooks. Length 102 cm. A snap hook with repair, otherwise excellent condition with almost […]

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Lock Plate for the Green Carbine

Product code: 15625
350 €*

Color hardened, sign. Mass.Arms Co. Chicopee Falls USA 1856 with crown VR and swivel cover stamped Maynard`s Patent SEP. 22.1845. The lock contains an original reel from Maynard’s squib, the reel feeder and the pawl are still in operation. Length 14 cm. An interesting demonstration object.

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Spencer Carbine, 1864

Product code: 12412
Special price: 3.200 €*

Round barrel with six deep grooves,, bright with minimal spotting, folding rear sight to 800 yards. Steel system box signed Spencer Repeating Rifle Co. Boston. Mass.Pat`d March 6 1860. Lever Action system for 7-shot magazine in the stock. Grained walnut stock, butt plate breech mechanism. Length 99.5 cm. Very good condition with light patina, very […]

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