US Springfield Mod. 1884 Experimental Ramrod Bayonet Rifle

5.400 €*

Conical rpuns barrel, chamber stamped P and V with US eagle (proofed and view). Very finely adjustable sight with Bufington fine sight. Lock stamped US Model 1878, lock plate with US eagle and US Springfield stamp. Forearm end with side pusher for releasing and extending the ramrod bayonet. Walnut stock with deep, sharp acceptance marks and R.D.R. on the underside as well as a rectangular US inspector’s mark SWI 1889. Length 132 cm. Original strap. Piston cap with stamp US as well as compartment with swiveling lock for holding cleaning accessories, cleaning rag holder included. Sparkling clean barrel with three rifles. Except for a few signs of storage on the stock, the weapon can be classified as almost new. Attached is a US report confirming that Springfield manufactured 1,000 of these rifles for trial and that very few of them were privately owned. The appraisal estimates the weapon at $ 7,500 to $ 9,500.

Product code: 16549

Caliber: .45-70 Gov.

Rechtliche Informationen

Acquisition-licence needed

Acquisition-licence needed

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