Long Flintlockrifle

4.600 €*

Long barrel with multiple fluting in the first quarter, merging over balusters to 9-sided, then merging over another baluster to round. Brass lens bead. One-piece at the base like the barrel fluted breech plug blade, screwed from below like wheellock weapons. Barrel signed Lazarino Cominazzo, underside stamped: VB. Early flintlock shape with a gooseneck flintlock. Iron-cut cock screw in floral decoration. Nib with unusual internal screwing as decorative decoration. Sawn iron fittings, side plate in an unusual hook shape. Butt plate with an early round shape. Full walnut stock with a high hump around the breech plug blade. Three ramrod balusters and original oak ramrod. According to the attached document from the previous owner, Arne Hoff classified this long, heavy flintlock rifle as an all-purpose weapon for bullets and shot for the north German plain. Barrel length 128 cm, total length 166 cm. Piston area restored woodworm infestation and restored hairline crack in the stock end area. Metal parts very good, very good lock function.

Product code: 10425

Manufacturer: norddeutsch

Year: ca. 1650

Caliber: 16,2 mm

Rechtliche Informationen

From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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